Who would you choose to be the core Villain of a possible third and final season...

...Hush, the League Of Shadows, or the Court Of Owls?

You can assume other villains can appear both old and new, but I’m thinking of creating a manifesto for a would-be final season and these villains seem to be the ones who could play off what I reckon the core themes would be, which would involve the loss of part of your identity with either a Bruce without Batman or a Batman without Bruce.

Oh and I have some interesting ideas with creating a distinctive Poison Ivy and Scarecrow in a way that connects their origins together...


  • Hush backstory was already used with Penguin in a way, so I wouldn't make him appear in this series.

  • Kevin Bruner

  • I would go with the league of shadows

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    The most evil villain not even Batman can defeat

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    Kevin Bruner

  • Well, it seems a moot point now, doesn't it?

  • I personally think the following would make awesome 'core' villains.

    Lady Arkham - I think season 3 would be the perfect time to bring her back. Especially if you revealed your identity to her in season 1 and then at the end of last season gave up being Batman or even if you didn't give up being Batman but still revealed your identity I think season 3 would be the perfect time for Lady Arkham to return and strike.

    Because regardless of how many allies Batman has despite having given up Alfred or despite having given up Batman.

    Bruce Wayne/Batman is arguably the most or would be the most vulnerable he has ever been because so long as you didn't just dismiss Alfred without hearing him out (like my Bad Batman did) you at least showed you cared about him which means losing him hurt.

    So in my mind even though she obviously doesn't know about Batman/Bruce Wayne's personal sacrifice it seems like now is the perfect time for Lady Arkham/Vicki Vale to get her revenge on Batman and Bruce Wayne by revealing to Gotham or threatening to reveal to Gotham who Batman really is.

    Two Face - In season 1 although his story was one of the key stories it was kind of a side story to the whole Lady Arkham Children Of Arkham not to mention the whole Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot deal so Harvey was like a third string villain and I personally (because i like the character) think he deserves more than that which is why I think for season 3 he should/could be the 'major' villain.

    Ra's Al Ghaul - Rather like Lady Arkham I think season 3 would be the perfect time for Ra's to introduce himself to Bruce Wayne or Batman (depending on whether you gave up Batman or Alfred) because if you gave up Batman then Ra's could approach Bruce and after discovering Bruce's secret offer him the chance to fight crime a different way to putting on the mask that of course being by joining The League Of Shadows/Assassins.

    If you gave up Alfred them Ra's could introduce himself to Batman and maybe after discovering Batman's secret of how he sacrificed somebody he cared about in order to continue being Batman and doing what he is Ra's could offer to fill Alfred's role in his life and offers Batman the chance to join his League Of Shadows/Assassins.

    Black Mask - I have to be honest and say I don't know a lot about this character except his alter ego is Roman Sionis who is a corrupt businessman and crime lord who has a fixation with masks. Which makes me think his introduction to season 3 could work whether Bruce has given up Batman or not.

    Because if Bruce has given up Batman then maybe to begin with he could have dealing with Black Mask as Roman Sionis and not know that he is a corrupt businessman and crime lord because he has given up being Batman however of course eventually Bruce has to done the cowl again and face Black Mask and he discovers who Black Mask really is.

    Alternatively if Bruce didn't give up being Batman he could encounter Sionis as Black Mask and then later discover his true identity.

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    I think they might have been setting up the Court of Owls with Bob and Regina Zellerbach, in Season 1 Episode 1, when Regina says "old familes should stick together like birds". That or it was just a nod.

    If anyone else, since Telltale games are fond of torturing their protagonists (especially when they don't deserve it), maybe they would have tried the Deacon Blackfire storyline.

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