Batman 2 and TWD Final Season are the most successful narratives at retaining players in a long time

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[First off, sorry about the awkward title or the formatting of it, as I had to make it fit within 100 characters]

Telltale could have made it. They were on a comeback, and their next steps in 2019 could have probably kept them from sinking and maybe get recognized as a company whose reputation isn't entirely based on an illusion of choice with some poor narratives.

Their two most recent games have seen an extreme increase in the number of players that have completed the first episode/season compared to prior entries.
I'm about to show you pictures of the season finales of each Telltale game on PS4/3, and the stats of those final chapter trophies. Batman 2x5 and the First episode of The Final Season have an extraordinary percentile compared to other series.

--- I understand that these aren't accurate numbers of the playerbase, and there's no way to know how many people exactly earned them, but those who did while connected online have had them logged in the servers. I figured I'd try and compile the stats to compare and contrast them. ---


The Walking Dead Season 1 ~~ 25.3%

  • I understand that this is the oldest game, so more people will have bought it which would then decrease the percentage.

The Walking Dead Season 2 ~~ 28.7%

  • Same explanation for this as the first game.


The Walking Dead Season 1 ~~ 47.6%

  • Same reason as the PS3 games. They're quite old, and the product spans 2 console generations.

The Walking Dead Season 2 ~~ 31.3%

  • Same reason as above.

The Wolf Among Us ~~ 64.5%

  • Same reason as above, however this is the first trophy on the list (and the oldest) to have a Common rarity. It seems that over half of the players of TWAU finished the entire season. (Now that's a stab to the hearts of many)

Tales From The Borderlands ~~ 23.2%

  • Unfortunately, this game -- despite its high praise -- did not receive a high amount of online completion. Less than a quarter did.

Game Of Thrones ~~ 19.4%

  • Same as above. It's a shame, really. Less than a fifth of the online playerbase.

The Walking Dead: Michonne ~~ 66.9%

  • This is the most surprising, but makes sense given the timeline of the series. It only took 3 months for the whole series to get released, so it was much easier to keep track of. That, and it probably had a smaller playerbase. Still, 2/3rds completed it...

Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 + Adventure Pass (episode 8) ~~ 12.0% and 6.0%, respectively

  • This is surprising. Only about 14% actually completed the Season 1 arc (Wither Storm), at episode 4. As you can see here, the percentage dropped by 2% for Episode 5, which started the Portal Hallway arc. Even then, less than 10% of people who bought the Adventure episodes have earned any trophies from it, and it's a tiny amount who've finished the "final" episode (I don't have a picture here, but I checked for other episodes... Episode 7.1 is 10.2%... Episode 7.2 drops to 9.6%. Ouch.)

Batman Season 1 ~~ 28.8%

  • Here's the main event... Less than a 1/3rd of people finished Season 1. Now wait till I get to talking about Season 2...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier ~~ 58.5%

  • This one actually did pretty well in terms of player retention... somehow. Over half of people finished Season 3. Bravo, I guess. But...

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 ~~ 27.2%

  • I'll admit, while I didn't like it, Season 2 had a more ambitious and grand-er plot, and it retained more players in the end than Season 1, so that's something good.

Guardians of the Galaxy ~~ 33.1%

  • This one is sad. Not even the severely underrated and overlooked GOTG had enough players that stayed on until Episode 5. Ouch. At least it did better than MCSM! (and TFTB :p)

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for...!!!

Batman Season 2 ~~ 58.2%

  • This totally proves that The Enemy Within knocked Season 1 out of the water. Over half of people finished the whole game. Awesome.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season EPISODE 1 ~~ 85.4%

  • I can confirm (sans pictures) that Done Running is the Premiere episode with the highest player retention rate of any post-2012 Telltale series EVER. The leaders in a full-series (so, omitting Michonne) is TFS Ep1 with 85.4%, Batman S2E1 with 82.6%, TWAU Episode 1 with 80.0%, and A New Frontier "Episode 2" (technically Episode 1:Part 2) with 76.3%.

  • Less than half of the playerbase of Batman Season 1 finished the first episode, and only half of the full player base finished half of Episode 1.


  • The Walking Dead Collection has sparse stats for each season. Michonne is the weakest in this collection, and only 11.4% have completed the entire thing. (keep in mind the two missable trophies from 400 Days are included in this version -- "Two out of Three" and "Reunited")


  • It´s good to see actual proof of how TEW was really good.

  • Batman: S2 and TFS are fantastic.

    But Batman: S2 is one of the least played games from Telltale. So those who have played it are most likely fans of these kinds of games. That matters in the percentage.

    TFS did better, because it's the final season.

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