If there would have been a Season 3, what would you call the episodes and the story?

It's a real shame that Season 3 won't happen because Telltale will shutting down. But that dosen't hurt us to make up your own ideas about what it could have been. This is my version, with 5 episodes.

Minecraft Story Mode Season 3

Episode 1: The Order of the Mirror
Jesse has returned with Petra, Lluna from their adventures. In Beacontown, things is going towards a bright future. Petra is finally planning to settle down in Beacontown and start her own adventure academy where new adventures will be born. While Jesse is helping her, something odd is going on. A new gang of mysterious adventures come in to Beacontown, to challenge the Order of the Stone for the throne. There is a new Order in town.

Episode 2: Trial by Adventure.
The new group who calls themselves the "Order of the Mirror" is challenging the Order of the Stone to an "Trial by Adventure", where the winners will become the new Champions of the world. Jesse accepts it and starts gathering his old friends back together, but after so many years of putting off, will they win... or lose?

Episode 3: It's... Who are you?
The leader of the Order of the Mirror is... Jesse?... A female/male Jesse who is now champion of the world. Our Jesse is now so disappointed that he/she just want to give everything up and never come back to Beacontown. Still, someone wants to help Jesse. To defeat your enemy your must know them. This "someone" will help Jesse to understand the origins of the Order of the Mirror.

Episode 4: Following a Shadow
Jesse has entred a world together with this world's Soren. A place where he/she never could have dreamt of. Everything looks nothing but perfect, too perfect to tell you the truth. But looks aren't everything. Under the gold and iron, lies corruption, oppression and cruelty. But even in a world there is still friend and Jesse is about to meet someone. Someone he/she hasn't meet in a very long time.

Episode 5: Battle of the Orders
The Orders are preparing for the greatest battle in the history of both their worlds. The alternate Jesse has evil plans for Beacontown, something that our Jesse must stop at all cost. Everything will turn into a fierce battle between the twins. Who is going to become the greatest adventures in all of creation, The Old Order or the New Order?

There you have some examples of a good story.


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    OWO that sound SUPER COOL I like it. Here's a couple of mine that go together:
    Episode 1: Fallen apart?
    Jesse and others are slowly less and less becoming friends (faster than season 2 tho) and starting to move on and make new ones. What happens when some of these "friends" may not be as trustworthy as they seem?
    Episode 2: Parasitic Relationships
    It turns out that the "friends" of Jesse's friends were simply being fake and lying about their friendship for their own benefit. Then after the whole mess, Beacontown is in chaos. How will Jesse and his/her friends get out of this one?
    Episode 3: Dark Origins
    After defeating the fake friends, Jesse and the others think everything is ok now.... but they're so wrong. Strange occurrences of crime has been happening, and all the evidence points to..... One of Jesse's friends? Did they actually attempt the crimes? Or was it an act of framing and the real culprit is someone else?
    Episode 4: True or False?
    After many mishaps with lies and deception, It's time for the Order to uncover the truth. But the truth could be scary... and may cost them their LIVES.
    Episode 5: History Repeats itself
    After years of adventure, Jesse and the others have decided to just give it a break... but then they made the same mistakes as the old order .. will a new group of heroes be able to take the challenge? (Dont play as Jesse from this episode onward)
    Episode 6: Ghost Stories
    Looks like these new heroes could handle the task. But what seems like a simple ghost story of a familiar masked murderer could be true..And is going after these new heroes at whatever chance they got.
    Episode 7: Dragon's Wrath
    It seems that the worst is over for our new heroes... not really. When a hybrid of the Wither Storm and the Ender Dragon comes to play, will these new heroes be able to vanquish the beast?
    Episode 8: Rise of the Demon
    The newest heroes have possibly met their match... the monster behind all the madness. Who knows what will happen next ...
    I got other ideas if you wanna know :3

  • ... I thought I had an idea for a Christmas episode but I failed XD

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