Linking account.

How can i link my telltale account to game?
I don't see any sign-in or link option in-game. Need help.


  • This is one of Telltale's earlier games, which didn't have a link option.

  • So there’s no way to add wolf among us on iOS version app so it’s saved ?

  • Does the game still save ?

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
    edited January 2021

    The game won't have Online Cloud Saves tied to your Telltale account if that's what you mean, but you'll still be able to use your local save if that's what you are asking. Your local save may or may not be able to be saved in Apple's iCloud tied to your Apple/iTunes account, which is different. (I'm just a community volunteer, not Telltale staff.)

    peaceout21 posted: »

    Does the game still save ?

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