Should I buy this game?

I'm not really into the whole superhero genre. It's not that I dislike it or anything but I've never had a chance to watch the movies/read comics. I played TWDG, TFTBL, and TWAU and loved the games, despite not being into the source material so I thought I could give Batman a try. Would it be easy for me to get into or would I just be too lost?


  • Absolutely you should. It's a little slow at first, but in my opinion, the second season of Batman is one of the best Telltale games period. And it doesn't matter that you don't know the source material, because the game is in Telltale's own universe. Basically all you need to know is that there's a billionaire named Bruce Wayne whose parents were killed in an alley, and that drove him to become a costumed vigilante named Batman. Everything else is explained through the game.

  • You should start with season one, it´s very friendly to non-superhero fans, taking it´s time to remember the most important things about Batman lore. Most of the characters are introduced to Batman for the first time, and since they are new versions with some twists, you don´t really need to know them from before. Hell, not even the Joker, who kinda has his own origins story in this series.

    Just remember that the REALLY GOOD stuff is in the second season, wich you should absolutely play if you liked the other Telltale games, it´s their best work in years. First season has a lot of good things too, but it´s quite irregular and has also several issues because of his rushed development, so be careful not to judge both games based on that.

  • WOW, I haven't been on the Batman forum since the finale of Season 2. I'll tell you a bit about my experience with this series and hope I don't go on forever.

    Me, I've never been the BIGGEST superhero fanatic. I have my favorite heroes of course but was never too into it like other people. And honestly, Batman has NEVER been my favorite. Still isn't. But I LOVE TT's narrative of the character. Going into Telltale's Batman, I didn't know what to expect. I knew Batman's origin story, a few other characteristics and that was it. And that's literally all you need going into this game. Telltale has always done a pretty good job of telling you about the source material if you go into one of the franchises completely blind. Like, I didn't know a damn thing about Borderlands, but loved Tales. Same with Fables, but loved Wolf. Knew nothing about Minecraft and even that game I really liked, and I always left those games having a decent understanding of the franchise.

    With Batman though, it's kind of different. They take the names and the lore and turn it upside down and do so for the better. Some of the Batman franchise's most iconic names have some of the best storylines in these games. The first season was very good and very unexpected. The second season, however, is phenomenal. An entire upgrade narratively and graphically. Truly TT's return to form in the critical eye after the abysmal that was ANF, the uneccesary Guardians of the Galaxy and the financial success but still rather uneccesary Minecraft.

    Yeah, this got long, but to close things, you won't go wrong with Batman. I sure didn't.

  • Absolutely. You could always play the first episode for free and then see if you would buy the game

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    Yeah, @TeamKennyW00T explains it all very well!
    It is a fantastic series and in my own opinion:
    Season two is the best that has come out from Telltale.

    Minor, very minor spoiler for the game.

    To be fair, you really don't need to know anything at all because they will even show you quite early in episode two what happened with Bruce's parents the night they died... They explain everything important that you need to know about the story so you really don't need a lot of information at all to be able to jump straight into the game!

    Absolutely you should. It's a little slow at first, but in my opinion, the second season of Batman is one of the best Telltale games period.

  • Absolutely buy this game! its one of Telltale's best works of all time. Its personally one of my top 3 favorite Batman series for sure.

  • Season 2 is some of Telltale's finest work. Start with S1 (Even if its just OK) just to be familiar with the story (because it is unique) but the reward is season 2.

  • Personally I would say yes for a number of reasons.

    One of them being the fact you are coming into the game with no pre-conceived notions thoughts or feelings about how Batman/Bruce Wayne should be. Due to the fact as you yourself say you have not read any of the comics or seen any of the movies.

    I myself have not read any of the comics. However I have seen i dare say all of the Batman movies and as such when I first played this game I had an idea how Batman/Bruce Wayne should be and what he should do as far as the kind of choices I made and the things I had him say and who his allies and enemies were.

    This to a certain extent both helped and hindered me due to the fact for some stupid reason I didn't expect Telltale to put their own unique spin on things and have the consequences of your actions lead to things which happen differently in the movie. I'm not saying I expected Telltale to copy the movies. However certain things that happened in the movies can still happen however it depends on what choices you make as to whether or not they do if that makes sense I can't say anymore without giving too much away.

    Another thing that happened is certain individuals who I thought/assumed were allies of Batman/Bruce Wayne turned out to be enemies.

    The reason why I thought/assumed these people were allies is because in the movies that is what they are/become.

    Like I said you have not seen any of the movies or read any of the comics. So you will not judge characters etc based on your comic book or movie knowledge like I did and I am willing to assume some of the other people who played the game did. You will judge the characters etc based on what you know of them in the game and the surprises/consequences of your actions etc will be a lot more surprising and fun I personally think due to you not expecting what is happening or going to happen etc.

  • Definitely worth buying. S1 is just ok but S2 is amazing and one of the best Telltale games. It's really depressing that it didn't sell..likely one of the reasons they went bankrupt

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