Characters i would have liked to have seen in future games

1: Deadshot

2: Eraser

3: Poison Ivy

4: Barbara Gordon

5: Deathstroke

6: Plastic Man

7: Cyborg

8: Supergirl

9: Clark Kent/Superman


  • If the series had been continued then these are the characters I would have liked to have seen in future seasons.

    Season 3
    Vicki Vale/Lady Arkham
    Ra's Al Ghaul and The League Of Shadows/Assasins
    Catwoman/Selina Kyle
    Two Face/Harvey Dent
    Hugo Strange
    Victor Zsasz
    Arnold Wesker

    Post Season 3 Seasons
    Pengiun/Oswald Cobblepot
    Poison Ivy
    John Doe/Joker (Villain/Vigliante)
    Mr Freeze
    Black Mask
    Killer Croc
    Talia Al Ghaul
    Orical aka Barbra Gordon

  • Who the hell is Eraser?

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