Am I the only one who’s happy how they ended handsome jacks story

In my option I’m happy with how it ended cause it shows his legacy before you defeat him and I’m happy cause when I was playing it , I was worried that jack will die no matter what but I’m happy after all he has done we had the choice to spare his life or kill him once and for all , in my option I left him imprisoned inside cause he deserved to be defeated once and for all but I didn’t want him to die so I’m happy they gave us a choice after everything handsome jack has done in borderlands 2 , pre sequel and tales , handsome jack can still be alive but imprisoned forever which he deserves .


  • I wouldn't trust Handsome Jack to remain alive in any capacity. Jack would eventually find a way or opportunity to escape his imprisonment to return to his original form.

    Fortunately, Jack's story is confirmed to be over which is good for the character and the franchise overall.

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