Weakest TWAU Episode and Why

edited November 2018 in The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us was a pretty great game and easily one of the best made by Telltale. With that said, like most things with more than one installment, there are episodes that can be considered favorites and those that can be considered the worst comparatively. What episode would you consider your least favorite? Alternatively, what are some of the weaker aspects of the game and/or it's story?


  • I'm gonna go with Episode 4 In Sheep's Clothing.

    It's an okay episode with few neat moments as it both follows the climax of Episode 3 and plops right into the beginning of Episode 5. But as I admitted in my impressions, I was just coasting comfortably half the time while playing it.

    I suppose what influences that is the misleading title, some of the characters involved not being very fleshed out, some of the scenarios not being very interesting, a lack of payoff regarding certain things, and as I stated above, being smack dab between the great eventful Episode 3 and the finale.

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