What are your thoughts & predictions on the future if Bitcoin?

  1. Are you invested in Bitcoin?
  2. From #1 if your answer is Yes, What were your expectations when you invested in it?
  3. What are your thoughts & predictions on the future if Bitcoin?
  4. Will it ever rise up again?
  5. Why are GPUs unaffected & still having price hikes despite Bitcoins sudden fall?
  6. Do you recommend still investing in Bitcoin? And will you still continue investing in it?
  7. From #4, Why yes? or why not?
    It seems it was the most promising investment way back 2017, because it rose up high, but then in 2018 it suddenly falls.


  • My personal thought is that cryptocurrencies will eventually go to zero, but of course, there are a lot of people who disagree. I have never invested in them.

    Other investments have some underlying thing of value, even if that's just the full faith and credit of a government. Cryptocurrencies have nothing, just whatever someone will offer for them. They also consume a huge amount of energy mining new coins, there's little protection against fraud, and scammers abound.

  • Besides, cryptomining drives completely senseless energy consumption through the roof, with some estimations placing the present wasted energy somewhere in the ballpark of the entire Netherlands, and rising. It really is best for us if this absurdity dies quickly and quietly.

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