Evil Within on PS4 can not find license

hi everybody,

i encountered a real strange thing, i bought batman - the evil within some time ago in an PSN Sale. now some time passed and yesterday i decided to play it. i started the first episode and was able to download episode 2 - 5 without problems. after 30 minutes my ps4 shows me the message "license can not be found, application will close in 15 minutes"... okay... at first i was not aware of this but after exactly 15 minutes the game stopped and i was not able to start it again.

has this to do something with the studio closing?


  • Gotta go and check this game out... is it a sequel to The Enemy Within? ;)

    I doubt it is supposed to act that way and if it is then they would have removed it from the stores. You will probably not get a lot of help here though... sorry. I hope it works out for you.

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