Creative Constraints Vs Liberties

So what did ya'll think of Batman The Telltale Series and the artistic liberties taken with it's story?
Do you think they made the game a great experience in it's own right or would you have preferred if they stuck closer to the source material?
Do you think other Telltale games could've benefited from a similar approach?


  • The whole reason people enjoy these games is BECAUSE they take liberties with the stories and characters. People love John Doe because he can be as far away as the original Joker as possible. I don't see a point in playing a point and click version of a Rocksteady Batman game when you can just play a Rocksteady Batman game.

  • Telltale's shtick is maniuplating the source material into something new or unique. Personally that's the whole reason this game was well recieved and I bought it even though there was only the last episode to go. As the person above me said that's why John Doe was loved.

  • To think I made this because there was someone who hated the changes to established continuity despite there being multiple versions and reboots of the 70 year old franchise already.

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