Spared No Expense: DabigRG's Playthrough

So, in the times surrounding Telltale's tragic closure, I had decided and/or made an effort to go pick up & play some of their other games. The Wolf Among Us was always a mild curiosity and the numerous comments of praise I saw for Batman eventually made me put aside my own skepticism to get Season 1 & eventually The Enemy Within as well. Well, as you can tell, another game I picked up not very long ago at all is Jurassic Park.

Now I actually have a good amount of history with this one: it's probably the first Telltale game that ever came to my attention. Given that Jurassic Park is not only something everyone knows, but one of the many things I had an interest in over the years, it was a no brainer that I'd tag it on my radar. And similar to TWDG, I would sometimes see an article or two, promo images, and even a piece of what I think was fanart for the game. I actually went as far as to watch at least the first episode and maybe a bit of the second on Youtube, though that was several years ago now.

What actually brought the game back to my attention was the fact that one of the Youtube channels I'd occasionally listen to while either at lunch or doing things around the house is Klayton Fioriti, whose coverage of Jurassic Park related media would sometimes include plot points or scenes from the game; it was one of the then recent ones, featuring various scenes(like a bearded guy sneaking around some raptors or the T-rex poking it's head through the front doors) as onscreen filler for whatever he was actually talking about, that made me realize I don't actually remember that much of what I saw back then, nevermind how it all resolved. Finally, I would actually pick up the game on Christmas Eve just last year while out & about with my brother and one of his old classmates--got it for around 5 to 10 dollars from Gamestop alongside The Enemy Within, with the proper case and all(too lazy to go check).

So now, in between the two Batman games and habitual Gummi Ship sections in KHIII, I decided to plug the 360 back up again after however long and actually playthrough this impromptu Christmas present. I'll go ahead and say that I didn't actually plan on doing spoilers nor my now patented impression style writeups. Knowing a vaguely decent bit about this game's background, amongst other reasons, I tried to focus on actually reviewing the gameplay mechanics and overall presentation. Of course, after a point in the first episode, you kinda run outta too much to say critically. Thus, the stuff after around the halfway point has more snarking and joking than actually analysis; there was a bit of that here and there early on anyway, but you get the picture. Hopefully, I can burn through this within the next two weeks of fairly infrequent playing.

Oh, and one more thing: given the game's obvious age/legacy, don't just see this as a platform for me to tell my first impressions and potentially receive confirmation on some of that stuff. Feel free to share your own thoughts, experiences, and knowledge of this game/franchise as an aside!


  • Okay, so here's the first episode.

    Like half of the Telltale games I've played thus far, I thought this was a pretty good start for this miniseries(?). The characters were enjoyable enough, with my "favorite" being Miles. There's not that much of what you could call "story" right now, but given this seemingly takes place after the midpoint of the first movie, that's understandable
    And in a series like Jurassic Park, much of the entertainment comes from watching a set of characters interact and survive whatever circumstances have them so close to these previously extinct creatures. Plus, I think Telltale's original lineup of games were more about providing about a fun, immersive experience than telling a super deep story, which eventually became what they were known for, for better or worse.
    I actually know what the main threat of the story is because of the Youtuber as well as a bit of skimming of the Jurassic Park wikia a couple of years back, but I'm playing indifferent for the most part until they actually become relevant. Oh, also, I just realized that they never named the first character in this first episode--did I somehow miss a line or whatever?

    Going along with what I said before, spoilers are only here for structural convenience. Though if you actually don't wanna spoiled for whatever reason...well then, that's a cool bonus. :smile:


    Start of with a woman running the jungle, holding the aerosol can in her injured arm and being pursued by something small, but dangerous.
    A single scene with three non dialogue action options
    Refers to face buttons
    Stop and use l stick to Look around for what's hunting her

    Ah yes, the era of quick time events, which Telltale arguably still made use of
    I sure missed the rock, bumped my head, and missed a branch

    Hope the rstick in a circle to deal with migraine

    Tapping the shit out of the a button, a telltale staple.

    Interestingly enough, there seems to be a ranking system in place. Was this something telltale did commonly during their earlier days

    Hold the lb and rb brackets before tapping a agib to get up. I messed this up

    Those voice clips man

    Episode 1 the intruder

    Very short load times and buffer between pauses

    These subtitles suck, though. They're so small and awkwardly hang near the bottom left corner of the screen.


    Them early Telltale models. Not sure if I'm feeling the voice acting either, but that might get better once the characters actually have more than 3 seconds of dialogue

    John Hammer
    A triceratops shaped rock

    Paleontologists? When is this game supposed to take place


    Probably got stuck in a doorway somewhere
    Hi skinny Nedry. Or Andy Dick? Gay Tony?
    Awkward line read there dude.

    Nika Futterman?

    More waiting....
    Okay, that's probably a solid minute episode. Let's get a move on

    Interesting setup for a conversation system. A literal one, if the beep is any indication
    So his name is Miles.
    Huh, she can say things to herself. Can't say I've seen that before
    Who is Marquita?

    Si, she is very Espanol.

    Oops, what...oh, you can select different areas of the hub in lieu of actually walking.
    Seems analog sensitive cause I sure didn't click to go.

    Ah, so you can use what you saw with the guard as a way to get the passes.

    Plumber flooding enough

    .Dilophosaurus Enclosure

    No I don't; threw branch,

    Oh shoot, is she an environmentalist?

    Jungle Hacker.

    10000 volts to keep out teenagers



    Creature, I don't know, the island, Lights, Employer, dinosaur,

    Deaf? No...

    Climb by holding lb and rotating l stick. Took a moment to figure that out, as it doesn't say what to do with it

    His surname is Chadwick.

    Lucky it's feet didn't scratch the midriff

    Those Xs making me nervous.

    Why are it's tracks leading back to the jungle?

    The island will never be how it was?

    It was at the docks?

    Thanks for the help, dick.
    Say, why doesn't he just go around to the passenger door?

    Damn, it is heading for the docks.

    "This can't be good for my sinuses."

    What the hell--I saw that game.
    (The model must've still been moving and popped in where I clicked for a second.)

    Where the heck is this thing? Shouldn't it be at the edge of the hill?

    Oh, you tap lt in order to bring up that menu.

    Okay, so I had to consult a video on what to do next: the game never urged me to hold the face buttons when searching.

    Friggin bugs? Friggin you!

    "I'm gonna smell like dead fat guy for weeks."

    I like how randomly dropping a Coca Cola© can help find where it went.

    Okay, now it has a clear bar around the prompt to indicate I should hold it.

    What the heck was that? He didn't even drip it on top of them.

    Wow, you can't aim for shit.
    Well no wonder--thats a prop with built in speakers.

    Well, at least that's believable. You are down here with it and a gun.

    Better move.
    Oh yeah, the branch.

    Nedry's clearing.

    .Paddock Attack

    Stay focused, you okay?, Calm down, I have a plan, Start the car, try the key, no clue, I'll fix it, Attack them, Distract them,

    Dang, you lucky. I thought you were dead for sure.

    Oh boy, it's back.

    Probably shouldn't keep your back turned for too long

    Wow, I'm surprised that worked.

    Oh shoot, there's more than one.

    "Okay points for being a friggin lunatic,but that's not gonna work."

    Hey Asshole, why didn't you shoot them as they closed in instead of running? Idiot.
    I love how that one was just feeling cocky tonight and was more interested in interceptin her.

    Fuck! That's death--oh wait, I can still run--oh, never mind. That's Death toll 1.
    Oh, so this game also keeps track of how many times you die? That's actually pretty neat.

    It works!

    Wow, you guys are not very smart, are you?
    Guess they're sturdier than they look though.


    That was close. And they peeled out.

    Might as well grab his gun along with the canister.
    What the heck is she looking at?

    Dang, drive by.

    Why are you running into the forest?

    Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize this was a Scooby Doo cartoon.
    Seriously though, if they can move that fast, then why didn't they get her when she ran right by them?

    The first dinosaurs on our tour.


    What's wrong?, the weather, let's talk, why did you do it?, can you hear me?, you ok, im a doctor let me help, youre poisoned, slow down

    Back where we started? Or end up?

    "I didn't take anything good."
    That's not a denial, babe.

    Westlake to Dallas

    Did she just meow? Da fuq was that?
    Did I not hit her or does this game just lack sfx ?

    "Oh yeah, i can do it. Mom doesnt know,but..."
    Oh,a real troublemaker.

    Come on sweet heat,we get outts hrte.
    Lifts by himself.

    You know,without context, that almost sounded like criminal negligence.


    Cute box mouth, btw.
    ...I just remembered that she's taking spanish.

    Your eyes should be on the road.

    I could see the prompt there, game
    "Nah, man, nah. I don't need none a dat."

    Oh fuck, dont trll me we gotta use that
    While tinytails up there is drivin

    What was up with her tone there? :lol:
    You don't need details? After initial that reaction

    That's not what i wanted to say, game

    Road collision

    .Triceratops Pen

    Tried pushing, hows our patient, honk horn, do something, injured woman, triceratops, going home, what to do,

    A triceratops is out.Young one?!

    I thought that sounded rather close. So it wasn't an audio hiccup

    Snoring in Spanish

    Snow shovels: not for shoveling snow

    Oh, switching characters during a section. Neat.

    Uh, keep doing what you're doing Bahkita

    Little black book.
    I swear he hit 3 3 times and 6 none

    At least they keep emergency stuff like that ready.
    Wait, if the power is off, how did the code...?


    Well don't just look at me, move your butt.

    That awww wasn't audible

    Oh shoot, the Alpha!


    Did she really just rip that off?

    Oh no, the patient!

    Good Lord!
    (BTW, I'm cheesing the save system. So my death toll at the end of the first episode should be 0, but I might've missed something.)

    Got it.

    Oh no
    Getting ready to fight.

    Ohhoho, Cheese and Rice!

    Dang, girl got reflexes

    Must be gotten start running the moment the prompt appears.

    Just barely made that.

    .Maintenance Shed

    Dino's gone, no it's too small, We did, hitchhike, tour vehicles, severity, vehicle 1, 3, , , ,

    Honeybear nightlight

    Well im glad you feel that way..

    From whimsical to menacing all of a sudden.

    Better peep out first.

    Friggin Sam. Got follow your nose somewhere else.

    Good point. Didn't cross my mind...

    Suddenly computer.
    Black voice, white face. Seems legit

    That minigame is a mess, first try or not
    Studry? The foq kinda magic word is that?

    Catastrophic failure?

    I like how they include the video bar.

    .Tour Jeep

    Tio, necesita, la resta, el, necesita, el descanso,

    Dang, she look struck out
    Uh, ya think?

    "Uncle needs subtraction"
    Oh that's right, that means uncle.

    "He needs rest"
    Eh, close enough.
    Usted was the right word, apparently. I thought that was formal.

    Miss Ortega Summer school

    Yes game, I saw the helicopter.

    .Visitors Center

    On the boat, T-rex escaped, Carfentanyl, , , , , ,

    Wow, it's surprisingly clean in here. Blood stain aside.

    Velociraptor's foot. Is that good luck?

    Probably should've gave her a weapon.

    Why is there a radio?

    Oh, so now you should a hold prompt.

    Hold analogs at precise channels and press rb when it appears. Really precise.

    Dr. Laura Sorkin

    Did the subtitles mess up there?

    "Heterodont bite pattern" ?

    Damn, what kinda toxin needs a fatal dose of tranquilizers to not fuck you up?

    Yes, trust the totally not rascally 12yo(?) to get tranq darts and come straight back if something is amiss.

    .Front Steps

    We're seriously making a minigame out of creeping down some steps?

    She stood there too long for nothing to happen.
    The heck was that sound? That ain't no Rex.

    . I'm a Motherfuckin T-REX

    Close the door.
    Oh shoot.

    "Jess, don't move."
    Now here's a minigame where you move the r stick.

    This minigame is kinda bs

    No, you can't. The Rex could whip you before you're halfway there.

    That should've been really bad timing.

    I thought Rexie was about to pick up the darts herself there for a second.
    Oh, but she definitely knows she's here now cause she ain't budgin.

    Uh, shouldn't you move the hunter first before making noise? She's literally by the edge

    Who say 911 is reliable, eh?

    "Are you ready to see some dinosaurs?"
    Rexie: Doesn't even look.
    "I can't hear you."
    Rexie: Roars

    Technically, he didn't tell her to move, but it's a game. I'll allow it.
    Plus, he shouldn't get the Rexes attention anyway.

    This is a bad idea.
    Ah! So close-ho-hose!

    I love how long she's staying down after the stairs collapsed.

    Was that even a prick?
    Heheheh! Wow, game, why to make a Trex a massive bitch. ...I mean, in the pathetic sense.

    .Front Steps(Again)

    Dont be afraid, Start the car, , , ,

    Wow, and she doesn't even try to stop them?

    Y'all hangin around that door an awful long time.
    Ah see.

    Well what did I do wrong that time?

    Yeah, that wasnt thw best idea. Someone screenshot that.
    At least you dodged just as quick.

    The hell? Uh,game, either you had her facing the wrong way or that window(?) is. Actually a warp hole.

    I wonder if the Rex is just amused at this point.
    "Ooh ooh, i know. Is this the trick where you balance the treat on my nose?"

    And just calmly pulls her inside.

    I like how this is literally just the same set of prompts three times. With the exact same animations, just closer.
    You'd think she'd give up at this point. ...or is it a trap?

    "Made an animal cranky at work, lol"
    Yall seroiusly got me doin that signal shit now?
    Well, at least Rexie is patient.

    "Hey yall white peoole, ill play with yall some other time, i got a lesson to teahc--HEY CAR! Where my money at? I thtee your cousin cross that wall over there, dont make me do it again!"

    .The End of the Beginning

    You nearly died, , ,

    "My things!"
    "Oh, its right here."
    Tosses it to the floor

    Plumbing? Oh shoot, you're not illegal, are you?
    I knew it!

    Next time will be Episode 2 The Calvary

    ...Did it just go straight to the next episode?

  • Now for the second episode.

    This one was a lot of fun, despite there arguably being 20% more going on compared to the last one. I really liked two of the new characters, Yoder and Oscar, who helped bring the slowly but surely developing story to life this time around. With and/or without them, there were a couple moments that I found hilarious, for one reason or another. Hell, even Nima(who wasn't named previously) gets in a few funny lines as things moved towards the third act. With that said, that Dr. Sorkin and to an extent the mystery dinosaurs are a little on the eh side right now in overall vibe and development, respectively. There's really nothing wrong with them for now, but I must say in the latter's case, it does feel like the plotting is tiptoeing more than it probably needs to--they're only in one scene, for Pete's sake!
    As I said, I don't say too much about the game mechanics outside of instances where the controls either get weird or simply become difficult. Those analog focus sections are still probably the annoying part of the gameplay, though they thankfully aren't too numerous or cumbersome. Oh and the moments where you have to operate control panels outside of maybe the Bone Coaster section are kinda of a mess visually speaking, though they are pretty piss easy.
    Oh and I couldn't help but notice certain sound production errors at points, specifically with the voice acting. And I know this is a production error because I reloaded one section I thought I was stuck on and it happened again.

    Episode 2 The Calvary

    Did it just go straight to the next episode?

    Designed by Mark Darin
    Executively Produced by Kevin Bruner

    Isla Nublar

    Billy Yoder Jason Marsden?
    Search and Rescue Biogeneticist Laura Sorkin, Genetic Engineer David Banks, Park Veterinarian Gerry Harding and his daughter Jessica, and the spaniard

    Did Dr. Sorkin call these guys then?

    Feed your daughter to work day

    Wait till I see a Dino, Alpha Lizard, Caveman Impression,

    Woah, this guys eyes...

    . Visitors center

    Garza was shot to death. Are there other hostiles present?
    Linares didn't even go for cover

    What happened, Trex footprint, Are you seeing this, Dino attack,

    So they weren't shot at?


    Only their eyes... Oh...

    Shot at other things twice, missed next chance, shot Vargas,


    What happened to everyone, top left didn't work, bottom right did,

    Eh man, don't leave him alone!
    What did I say?


    She must think he can control them

    Jess has a right idea, though. Just a matter of whether the dinosaurs take the bait instead.

    That radio looks kinda poppin.

    Poison Ivy?
    Those must be the same ones at the visitors center.

    Why are we just sitting here again?

    "A handful of that plant would be enough to kill a grown man."
    "Maybe just a few won't hurt."

    Oh, so her name is Nima. What an non narrative way to reveal that about a principal character.
    Oh, nevermind.

    Talk to her, wound, tried to save Dad, snuck to radio,

    And you can flat out switch characters now!

    Yellow berries = poison
    Blueberries = medicine

    Looks at Jess--says nothing, why are you here, look at hand(?), look at arm, do you have any family,

    The gun is clearly clipping through her arm there.

    Well damn! That's frank
    That was like a GTA animation there.

    "Hey, I drank like four diet sodas and I haveto pee like SUper-baaad."
    Random Texan accent at the end there

    Oh, this fuckin radio minigame again. Except WEAKer.

    "Hey! You! What do you think you're doing?"
    "I'm just, uh, calling my boyfriend...?"

    . Helicopter

    Yeah, seriously, shut up. If she said north, than she was told that.

    Was he here before all this?

    That pterodactyl was a dick.

    What an odd little mess flipping those switches was.

    "Ah, landing pads are for amateurs."

    Okay, now that was bullshit.
    Ah cmon, I almost had that!

    Chopper Down

    Pteradon? Oh shoot, how much does this guy know?


    Yoder is racist towards jungles.

    Oh shoot not this again

    Broken leaves? Picked berries? This guy really does know what he's doing.

    "Oh boy... I bet that's not gonna go over well with mom."
    Oh shit, oh shit...FUCK!
    Ooh, missed but not dead.
    Missed again and got bit.
    Ooh geez, he lucky.

    Dang, one boot from Oscar and fight over.
    Wait a minute, you're sparing that fuckin thing?! Damn man, I wouldn't let that just lie if I went through that.

    Hell was that?

    .North Cliff

    A cliff? Oh shoot, this bitch bout to fly.

    Doh--Random roller coaster.
    Bone Shaker

    I didn't know,

    Oh shit...
    Storms and Earthquakes ain't nothing like John Hammond,

    How does he know they're getting ready to hunt?

    "Just push it!"
    "I can't! You push it!"

    Power is still out.

    Woah, what the fuck?! Got a little too close to your mic there, Gerry?

    Oh, Mr DNA!
    "Yeah, cause Jurassic Park is all about safety."

    Oh, so she steals cars too then?
    And what is that thing around her neck? I just noticed that.

    And I think I just glitched this part. Great.
    You know game, it'd help if you told me what to look for.

    Wait a minute...ah! The Crane!

    Crane ride, bungee jump, Dino finishing, Rocks, tree, Mr. DNA sign, doors

    "Dad, Dino fishing! What do you think?"
    "I think you've lost your mind."

    "I don't know, but it be a hella cool!"
    Okay game, nice grammar.

    That was not the Mr DNA sign.

    That might've been a little loud.

    "Hey, what about this, can you use it for anything?"
    :lol: that was a good one.

    Yourself, scaffolding,

    Wait, why are we lifting that off now?

    Sees thing work at least four times
    No reaction.
    Sees put 3 in before 2..
    "It works!"

    "Think that's right."
    No wonder you're in summer school.

    Under construction

    .Herrerasaurus Hijinks

    "Heeey, we wanna get on the ride!"

    Oh shoot, almost got decapitated.

    "Yay! Now it's our turn!"
    Oh fuck, that

    Do-hope! Oh, these poor fucking things! :joy:

    Oh shit!
    Okay, as fucked up as that is, her clawing in water and the overly loud dramatic music kinda ruins it.

    Holy shit, when did you get here?
    Oh, but means Nima pissed the fuck outta here.
    Oh, never mind.

    Okay, I was wondering if these two would know each other.

    "Uh,so what now?"
    "Now? We go for a little ride."
    "Please don't say ride."
    Freeze frame on her face
    Achievement:Rough Riders
    Uuuh.... :confused:


    Oh boy...
    Yeah, he was attacked. But no blood?...


    Oh shoot, this ain't the best history then.

    Okay, I like this guy, but his eyes are oddly small and wide apart. Like a MIB disguise in GTA.

    The he'll is that?
    Oh,that's his helmet!

    Oh shoot...


    Inside the
    Compies obey that order as well.

    Middle battery, left baterry, right battery

    Oh, are you fucking kinda me! I gotta take it out too!
    Is this gonna work at all?

    Fuckfuckfuckfucjfucjuf... FUCK, I HATE THESE ANALOG Segments!

    Ooh, that was too close.

    "You're a good little thief. You know how to open handcuffs?"
    Was ...was that a legit joke?

    Graves for people who died beside him, skulls for people who died because of him.

    This music does not go with this scene.

    "Me? I'm more of a liver than a fighter. But Oscar..."
    Freeze on Swarmy smile

    Breaks teeth, speaking of jokes,

    "'Company of Killers'...oh, that's got a nice ring to it! It could be a hit single!"

    Uh, hypocrite much?

    Looks into camera with straight face

    "Im thinking of getting a butterfly tattoo. On my an-kle."
    What is even happening right now?

    .Lab Outdoors

    So this is Dr.Sorkin.
    Hmph. Guess we were light on blonds.

    We're the band, yes, whats all this, info on sorkin?, leave Oscar alone, back acting up?, whos the prisoner?, bite wound, we need to go, Dino Preserve, Hammond, History,

    Oh,she wants to stay...why?

    This lady using a lot of big words. Big, legal words.

    And now it's skipping class...
    Oh,want smokin on that list too?

    I love how Jess is just not here right now. she went from being an animal rights Hippie in the 70s to workin for InGen? Huh.

    "Expect her to be a pain in the ass."
    "It said that?"
    "Between the lines."

    Call me Billy.
    Mr. Yoder....

    Her inventions?
    She wanted it to be a nature preserve instead of an amusement park.
    And she shoplifted as well. Oh boy.

    Jess is 14.
    Why is this conversation so quiet?

    Oh, so they are like Komodo Dragons.

    A meeting with a board of directors, eh? Someone's getting impeached.

    David? Ah shoot, he's dead. Guess we have everyone then.

    The Lysine Contingency....
    Wait, you did WHAT?!

    .Parasaur Pin

    Dino told me, Dino Herding, How?, Activate the Speakers, West, East, Scare Dinos, Center,

    They'd better.


    Youth is the time to be reckless and test your boundaries.

    Jess, please don't eat the mic.

    I herd that
    Oh BOO!

    Didn't we already hear this explanation?

    "Did...did you put lysine in my drink? "

    .Chopper jilling

    "I had never seen you turn down an egg roll. Ever. "

    FUCK, Nima's taking the chopper!

    OK,you win

    Oh, you bitch!

    "Land this thing-now."
    "Not gonna happen."
    Uh, we need to land anyway?

    .Third Toe Terror

    That was a long ass tag line.

    Oh FUCK--Velociraptors?! Here?! Run!

    He lucky he could just slide in there.

    No time for hugs--they know how to climb!
    Quarantine didn't....

    It's only been, what, five days and I'm already at the halfway point. Just two more to go.

  • So uh no pressure but you think you're ever gonna finish that and then play Batman : The Enemy Within ?

  • Dude, wtf? That notification was randomly awkard in timing along with another one.

    Anyway, sorry bout that. I've been doing playing Kingdom Hearts 3 for the most part when I actually play and that's obvious not on 360. I have been thinking about it, though.

    Oh and, uh, thanks.

    iFoRias posted: »

    So uh no pressure but you think you're ever gonna finish that and then play Batman : The Enemy Within ?

  • Sorry I've been seriously slacking on getting this done as well. I do wanna finish it and get to Batman The Enemy Within by the end of this month, so hopefully I'll be able to do Episode 3 tonight or tomorrow.

  • Okay, just wanna drop in and say that I played Episode 3 on Saturday. I've just been dragging my ass on editing my transcript and then writing up with overall thoughts. I'm planning on playing a game today anyway, so maybe I'll eschew more KH3 in favor of getting four out of the way, which in turn would require me doing my review of [3] first for the sake of comfort.

  • After an considerable hiatus, here's Episode 3

    Could be due to how long it's been since I played the last one(almost two months, holy shit) and how I just rushed on in during a less than convenient point of time, but I kinda felt like this one leisurely went by. It's also been a number of days since I actually played, so some of what I could say is sorta lost.

    It was fairly solid and all, but it didn't feel like it quite had a major development until the end. I guess it's because the cast was already together at this point before & after being split up for a considerable portion and thus the episode kinda felt like some faffing. Of course, Yoder, Oscar, and even Jess at times were very significant parts of it, so it was definitely enjoyable throughout. Two standout moments that come to mind, however, were the arguments between Gerry and Dr. Sorkin & later Jess, respectively. The former is a very unique setup where the game takes advantage of itself so that you're actually controlling a debate between two characters, while the latter was something that felt really oddly timed and started, but descends into actual exploding watermelon territory during the hub. There some great lines between Yoder and Nima too, though that isn't a surprise given the former.

    Speaking of that ending and the story going somewhere, that actually felt really sudden. It's at the tail end of the episode, granted, so of course, but it was kind of weird whiplash. It doesn't help that on top of the obvious consequences of the final action sequence :cry:, the main threat is pretty damn forgotten about. Like, I think the mystery dinosaur itself(I didn't misspeak) is nearby for a second at most.

    On the gameplay side, there were some of the same issues prove previous episodes here. The hold da R-stick steady thing still stinks(though I surprised ace it in a millisecond at one point), the sensitivity and/or responsiveness of certain QTE prompts are a bit nebulous, and there was one point where this weird tiny black button with an orange symbol on it popped up after a prompt during the Trex section--don't know what that was about. Oh, and Dr. Harding once again had an issue with his mic--how the hell did they let those slide this consistently?

    Episode 3 The Depths

    Last time, we almost got chopped by the chopper. On a water tower, of all things.

    Nice explosion

    Does that creaking sound like we're okay?

    Achievement Those Poor People

    What should we do?, a bad crash..., How do we get down, We'll be okay, Turn the pwoer off?,

    Its got to...oh yeah, dinosaurs. Spare no expense

    IF we beat them inside.

    Why the fuck would yo stand on something thats gonna shoot down?

    Use R Stick to stand on ladder. I had to rotate in order to get it to respond

    How did the helicopter bend it now...?

    I had to move up to the tower roof, bit I don't recall being suggest to do that.

    Is this an antenna or something? Cause it lightly shocked him when I first tried to grab it.

    This is moving mighty fast to say I'm doing it.

    Oh, am I playing as Dr Sorkin now?


    Oh, they jumped out

    A helicopter crashing is better than the last time Yoder drunk tequila?!

    So,about the girl..., What's the plan?, What the plan?, , , , ,

    Shoved her ass right out.

    Wait, it can STILL blow blow up?!

    Yo Nima, you dead?

    San Jose shaving cream

    The barbasol can!

    "Hope this isn't for her face."

    Brother used to hide extra keys in pop can

    "Dammit Oscar I only brought one pair of pants. "

    "Dios mio, they open doors!" He's Spanish too?

    Surprised she didn't see me. Either time.

    Messed with button, tried stairs, Missed a few steps


    Nima was a few seconds from being Compy scavenge.

    That's a good question.

    Where is Yoder?


    (Make up something crazy), I vet he's greedy..., Maybe he's underpaid, They're valuable, Tell him a story. Sell it., Threaten him., Better with me than against, , ,

    Her lover died fighting the Marx Revolution in Chile... sure.... :wink:

    Hatching a Plan

    .Transport Tunnel

    Heading to Marine Exhibit

    One says Laura, the other says Dr. Sorkin. Guess going for variety

    Your radio show, These corridors..., Why aren't you chief?, Are we going the right way?, , , , ,

    She has a record collection she'd play over intercom.
    Janitor Manager Artie Bridges tried to capitalize to horrible effect

    Raptors eating Rats.
    How did rats even get on this island?

    Oh shoot, a Raptor's gonna get mouse trapped, isn't it?

    Dr. Wu became Chief over her because he discover frog DNA as a DNA gap bridger
    She want to cross reference samples for a complete code, but that would've taken too much time.

    She's a Smoker.
    Jess has them, doesn't she?

    Raptor need to suck ash.

    How did they not see that?

    And the gang hangs up for a load scene

    .Sitting in a Tree

    Here comes Hell and High Water's Better.

    Failed that roll.

    Oh no, not another Parasaurolophus

    Ew, bug...
    Not gonna lie, I'd be freakin

    Oh fuck, another one of these

    That Trex knew what she was doing.

    Ow, my legs!

    Be Creepin Raptor...
    What a silly dramatic zoom.

    Why are you eating lysine? Geez, even scientists do weird stuff when they're bored.
    And get paid for it.

    When did we put it in the water?

    Cured lysine contingency, What if they can swim?, Isn't killing them the point?, We're responsible, , , ,
    What an odd time to switch to her.

    120 miles of ocean won't do?, Escape is unlikely, You'd just let them die?, It was meant as a last resort, Care for them,not kill them, , , , , ,

    Wow, I'm cutting back and forth.

    Where did she go?

    .Trex Chase

    That was smart, you bit--OH SHOOT, THE OTHER RAPTOR!

    I thought I was as good as dead on that roll.

    Oh no, I HATE this R rumble shit.
    Oh,thank goodness.

    "Smartest dinosaur of them all!"


    I missed something at least twice.
    What,i don't know.

    My leg!

    Midair somersault!

    Heh, like a ballet danver

    Woah, what's going on with his face?!

    And he dropped the can. Great.

    .Maintenance Tunnels

    He caught up quick.

    Oh,so that's why it didn't attack Jess.

    "Oh, here's a place to hide"
    Immediately has to hide

    Uh,no game,don't do that.
    Oscar really shouldn't go that way jist yet. That raptor might double back and box him in.

    And suddenly, back to these two!

    Gone? That quick? No.

    Oh, it caught the other one. :sad:

    How could you drop it?, Go back out there and get it!, Fine! I'll get it myself!, , , , ,

    "Find a new chew toy"

    What happened? Why did a small orange X show up when i clicked?

    Why do i keep missing a step?

    Another R stick?! Nonononono---

    And the Trex roar doesn't play.

    My head!

    Oh, thank goodness--got it that time.

    Don't do that game.

    "And all he has to say is nuts."

    Cmon cmon, oh thank goodness.

    I guess the Trex is actually flattered. Or simply doesn't hear him.

    Why would you yell that you got it?! Much less that close.

    Green Lit.

    Carl Leeis?

    Don't drop the babies.

    Back to Oscar

    And here these two come.

    Oh shoot, it saw them. And it ran.
    Bad sign.

    And they specify the glowing. Oh boy....

    Okay, got that one quick.

    Okay, that was a weird transition.

    Ex-girlfriend used to clean like crazy when mad. He took advantage of that for them apartment.

    Okay game, you got me.

    I am reading the instructions!

    What AM I supposed to do here?

    "You're about to lose our...nighr visoon."

    Oh no....

    "How was I supposed to know open meant off? it's counterproductive!"
    Good point.

    "I think there's a dinosaur on the other aide of the island that didn't hear you. "

    The lights are really messing.

    Brick joke.

    "Ah-ha! I found you, you little--is that Artie Bridges?"

    What is this song?

    Open, standoff!

    Oop, miss!
    "Ah, it snapped at me!"

    Cmon cmon cmon cmon...nononono--NO!

    Stay into the middle, you sucker.

    "Where do you think you're goin--OH!"

    What am I suppose to do here then?

    Got it that time. Okay.
    Hey, why didn't he say it then?

    Its calling for help! No you don't.

    Oscar, the Raptor Slayer!

    Wait, what happened to the first one?

    Name That Tune.

    Oh, she fixed the lights.


    Look who woke up, Why are you here?, Embryos?You?, I know that look, Hypocrite..., You gonna do it?, I won't leave them, I'll think about it, ,

    "I see Sleeping Beauty woke up. Did you have to kiss her?"

    Bogotas cooking waitress gave salmonella

    Wait, what did he do? With the Costa Rican government and rentals?

    What is going on? Hello...?
    Okay, that was weird.

    .Raptor in the Travel Tunnel

    These two arguing again?

    Want is she doin?
    Oh, she smoking, isn't she?

    Wait, isn't she in...

    Uuh-hahnhahnhaaahn! tired _face
    "Hey, got a light?"

    Pfft! :joy:.
    Way to segueway the drama game.

    "Ugh, Huff n Puffs?! You smoke that crap brand?"

    Nonono grab the pole!

    Run, Jess, run!

    Ah, my batting arm!!!

    No Game, cmon game!

    Once again, those driving lessons are coming in handy.

    Oscar is so badass, raptors flee after the first slice.

    Wait, that one wasn't impaled?

    Stopping the Stalkers

    Is that blood?, You killed one?!, Raptor Tattoo, , , ,

    Not now, Nima!

    What is that?

    What's wrong?, Why the power plant?, How do we get there?, I thought it was safe, How do we fix it?, I glad you lived, So you're friends?, , ,

    Why would you only train two or three people to keep something from blowing up?

    Que lip?

    Woah there, back up from the mic there buddy.

    Oscar can move swift for a big guy.

    Ah you said sorry and made up.

    "Did you guy make out?"
    I thought she was gonna say something else.

    Oscar looking more and more like a PS2 era GTA character.

    Um, game...?
    Okay, I thought it was crashing there.

    .Plant Door

    You just thinking of that?

    Jessica Marie Harding!
    She stole a t-shirt from the wall.

    Um, is now really the time for this?

    I love how all three calls him Gerry.

    "Dinosaurs? here?" :lol:

    I Just wanted to calm down, , , ,

    Why is he stuttering?

    "I'm almost 15. I can take care of myself."

    This conversation is awkward.

    What was that line? Oh, Cheese and Rice...

    He has another daughter named Sara. That he might not have seen in a year.

    "We ain't got time for this After School Special crap." :lol:

    What the--are they seriously still arguing in the background?

    Any suggestions?, Glad I don't have kids, Can you get it open?, Excuse me..?, Uh,guys?, ENOUGH, ,

    Nima hasn't seen her daughter in six months.

    "It's locked alright."
    "Thanks for double checking."

    Did she just dab? What the?

    Okay, I gotta admit, just sitting here listening to these two is actually a little entertaining.

    "Rule #1 in the Divorce Survival Book"
    Oh that's...that's actually kinda sad.

    Home from

    Bridge Game?

    Did the conversation just restart?

    Woah... that got really... Something really fast

    "Also I'm pregnant."
    Okay, that was funny.

    Yeah, it restarted.

    Wow, they didn't even here me.

    Teleportation yeah!

    Creepy ...


    Woah, okay game. Nice pop in.

    O thought you didn't know how to do this?

    Then why did the game tell me to do that?

    I'm waiting....

    Why didn't the LT chime?

    Hi Jess.

    Close the doors

    About those smokes..., , , , , ,

    "I'm so hooked I could smoke a velociraptor."

    I don't want to moralize....
    Even though that's what you did earlier

    Help?, , , ,

    Sure, we open pickle jars too.

    Oh,so convection schmonvection is justified.



    Oh,that sound! :lol:

    Gee,thanks game. I totally would've seen that.

    What did she have?

    That face again!

    Then just do it already before something happens!

    Doors shutting.
    And somethings sparking.


    Its the only way, , , , ,

    Like to stumble in there.

    "That you Oscar? I can't half see now."


    Oh shoot, bottleneck

    Isn't that the one?

    Woah, okay

    Dang he must be tough.


    Oh,someone's got a vendetta

    What happened there?


    That one is prompt.

    .Electrical Escape

    What was that button?

    They're giving up...?


    Poor guy

    Wheres Nima?

    She already did

    Who was it?

    He's alive

    Those things

    They laid Eggs in him?!

    Cassowary nest

    Daniel D-Caf Cafaro



    And again, starting info the finale--next time!


  • We finally conclude this tour with Episode 4.

    As effective as the encounters with them were, I'm a tad surprised that our mystery dinosaurs, officially named here as Troodons, were only in the first act of this finale. They were certainly creepy and near unrelenting, if odd looking up close, but are just forgotten about once everyone leaves the tunnels. For all the buildup in they had, you'd kinda think things would play out a little more conclusively and/or impending with them here. But alas, they're just sorta left to do what they do with little to no further mention.

    Not sure how I feel about how Yoder was handled in this episode. On one hand, he managed to maintain some of his wonderfully stupid wit and inject it into scenes occasionally, showing that the results of the last episode's climax & ending didn't over sour his characterization. On the other, he does still go down that road most Telltale significant males do, turns for seemingly little reason in what can be considered a climax to a bridging second act, and the implied inner torment regarding him & his comrades' work go undeveloped. I guess he technically had it better than Dr. Sorkin, who started to suddenly(and ironically) escalate the stakes and expand the scope only to just suddenly(and based on what I've skimmed in the past, surprisingly) zip off to being forgotten herself. Either way, one can say both of their characters felt oddly adversarial and neglected in some way; which is bizarre when you remember they more or less trigger each other to eventually start doing.

    The pacing in this finale episode overall was...hard to pin down. Like, it's overall not bad and almost feels evenly spaced out as what's appropriate. With that said, the scenes themselves can feel oddly long in the first half and increasingly short in the second. It probably doesn't help that deciding where the second act ends and the third act begins can be a little weird.

    The breather scene between the first and second acts is a good example of how middling this is. It is an extended conversation between Dr. Harding and Nima regarding their pasts and experiences with family as they figure out how to hopefully meet up with the others. It gives some much needed backstory on Nima and fleshes out her motivations throughout the story. However, it feels like it goes on for a pretty long time(with the scene easily being 90% that) or may possibly go on to be the shortest scene in the game(judging by the option to skimp on certain subjects or outright make her stop talking). There's also the flaws of [possibly] having little to no gameplay(if it's not there if you skip on the conversation anyway), not having an equivalent but different sequence for Jess, Billy, and Laura, and being almost entirely about her, but very little on Gerry--our protagonist who's seen relatively backstory, minimal development, emotion, and possibly even interaction compared to everyone else.

    Also, the ending, it's pre-associated choice(?), and I guess the technical final battle while we're at it were rather short for what they involve. Now admittedly, they may make up what some may consider a very short third act, take place in a single location or two, and is almost entirely made up of action sequences. Still, while this might be forgivable in the latter two instances, it's very off for the ending itself, which should deal with the results of the journey overall and give the surviving characters more of a conclusion before they sail off into the sunset. I do have assumptions as to what the repercussions of making the wrong choice would've been, but I'll save that for a spoilered wrap up or possibly further conversation elsewhere.

    That final action sequence and series of inputs, on the other hand, was just great in itself! I honestly thought I wasn't gonna make it for a second at times, which just made me tap even faster as I was being gained on. Is it kinda predictable, given both the series and being a Telltale game? Yeah, somewhat. Is it intense, involved, and climactic? Also very yes. So while the ending itself had to be under a minute for me, the sequence that led into it felt pretty good for the most part.

    Moving onto the gameplay, this was certainly an experience. Playing a not so early Telltale game before they did TWDG and were "put on the map," as certain privileged individuals loved to say, was enlightening and I'm glad I finally got to it for myself after all these years. There was level of ambition and innovation regarding how this game told it's story, got you into the viewpoint of it's main characters, and made the actual gameplay sections feel relatively involved and simulating. Many things, like the ability to switch between characters both in the hubs and even mid-conversation/action, are things I really wish Telltale had managed to retain and/or incorporate into some of it's later titles. Other things, however, could've either used more work or were better off being scarce due to how finicky they could be at times--the motion based Rstick mechanic can go fuck itself in particular.

    To talk about once section in particular, let's address the middle tunnel hub and the puzzle that comprises it. In this section, Dr. Sorkin and [nominally] Jess examine a plan of schematics on a workbench while the other three adults look down three other tunnels to figure out where they are. Using the four(or five) key symbols and shapes on this map, she must utilize details given to her by them in order to find the right tunnel and predict which way they need to go. The problem is that Jess was right--they practically look the same. Pretty sure that took me at least 20 minutes relatively uninterrupted to decide on the right one.

    Also, I said it before and I'll say it again: audio, while not sounding like Rave Master, the Young and the Restless, or more relevantly A New Day, could be somethin weird at numerous times. Those mic bumps--they were catchin, man! Poor Jess was starting to show symptoms and I think Yoder had a bit of it once in the second act; this on top of Gerry grazing or spiking his a couple more times as tradition, making me wonder if the mics were starting to break. Also, this episode did somethings I've never heard happen before in that multiple lines near the end by having characters either speak through a filter or more frequently, outright have lines be cut off. Like, no joke, the final battle had the exchanges between Nima & Yoder reverb/echo as if they were still supposed to be in the Marine Facility. To say nothing of the times when he & Dr. Harding would be saying something only for even the subtitles to vanish or when the voiceclips from any of them would be come off by each other or other things outright. What the hell happened there?

    Lastly, I'd like to note the start and finishing times just to give you an idea of how this impression method went and let it speak as to how these sessions can turn out. I started properly playing the episode around 1 or 2 in the afternoon after having my follow up plan for the day not pan out and getting McDonalds as a consolation due to having nothing good for lunch around. Factoring in the collecting time spent pausing to document my thoughts, those necessary reloads I was abusing as necessary to keep my death toll at 0, and several different interruptions throughout the day, I finished going around 8:30. I'm not 100% sure on the time frames of the other Telltale playthroughs I've done with this format, but this is still easily the most ridiculous timespan on principal. This is ultimately another key reason why it takes so long for me to update these sorta things and most important of all, it means means I near undeniably have to rethink how I do this in the future.

    Episode 4 The Survivors

    Oh boy, this is a way to start the finale.
    Poor Jess.

    Angry Dad Climax?

    Troodon Pectidon.
    Meant to be euthanized, Dr. Sorkin kept them in quarantine to study.

    Wait, then why didn't you check? You we're supposedly studying them anyway, right?

    "Humping around like idiots"
    Queer choice of words there

    Those things, Put you in danger, Help..., Help..., Accountability, ,
    I mean it's not lying so much as withholding useful information, but yeah

    Admittedly, you could've said my friends or them or even us

    Oh, it can switch between two characters midbconversation again

    Lied to all of us, Help..., Bad guy, Help..., , , ,

    Lady, you're a scientist. Speculation, or hypothesizing rather, is what you do first

    "Oh, so what--Im the enemy? I'm the bad guy here?"
    Well, given this is a Telltale game...sorta?

    Uh, Nima...? Not now.

    I do agree that she needs to come clean.

    Technically true. It's a little bit of both, really. If she had here way, things might not of gotten anywhere near this point, but she's acting mastermind now.

    That classic Yoder trying to creep out there.
    She did say something like that dude.

    Yes it was. Just say it so we can get the fuck on.

    Huh. I never noticed she was wearing a purple flannel. Not bad.

    Trust Issues

    Yoder? More like explODER!
    Shut up game! :lol:


    Trapped in the Nest

    Poor D-Caf...oh fuck!

    Troodon bit you?, Troodon behavior, Stay out of the vents, , ,

    "Like ojos de lobo"

    Trapped like a rat, Stay close, We should go, Yes,let's go, ,

    Kinda wish I could check up on her first

    Eggs?, Checked on Yoder, Lockers, Vents, This totally isn't fair,

    Oh, so their unfertilized eggs! So that explains it. Shit, everyday's a school day.
    Wait, if their NOT fertilized....


    Once again, Jess says/asks the sensitive stuff.

    Hey man, I'm just checkin.

    ...What was that about?

    Troodons are raptor intelligent, nocturnal, envenominate with a single bite, stalk their prey, have serrated teeth that retain saliva saturated with a toxin

    Of course she's a lockpick too.

    Might need that for a smash.

    Huele a excremento
    Why do you keep a shit shovel in a locker room? In a geothermal power plant, no less. What, do you toss it on the magma?

    Sorry to be such a burden.
    Yeah, seriously dude.

    A flare kit?
    I saw that, game. Or rather, didn't hear it

    Oh, that's how they got him in here.

    I thought it was pronounced Gary?

    ...What are we waiting on now?
    What's with that music? Is the can gonna explode?

    "Insurance doesn't pay out to his family unless his dog tags are returned."
    Damn, really? That's fucked up if they're MIA.

    Damn that's cold. I mean, he's your brother in arms, but still.

    Oh, I understand. The question is if you do.

    Oh fuck, it's FNAF 2 all over again!


    Yeah, imma poke you with a shit shovel!

    Get something else to plug up the hole!

    Them suckas circlin the block!

    Oh shoot, I didn't see that one.
    Wow, I only got that last one right.

    I assume this is here in case you didn't observe the tank earlier.
    Also, help. (Dr.Sorkin and Jess)

    Woah! What's going on with the camera?!

    Oh, you gotta hit all three.

    Ah yes, the flares. They must can't stand only bright lights.
    Again, Help!

    Oh, not this shit
    WTF--I had it in there, it just stopped!
    Fuck, this Rstick shit!
    Dait, almost had it!
    Yeah, 8th1st try!!!

    What are these, jaguars?

    Ah, so you gotta keep tilting it in different directions as long as it's in there.

    NAAAH, hahaha!

    Dammit, not this again!

    Fire in the hole
    Wtf was that noise?! :lol:

    Got em! Let's go!
    Jess was right.

    Yeah-heh, fuck you Yoder--lol, wth? :joy:

    Why was it's neck so red there?

    Steam time
    Damn, that thing sayin "Fuck yo steam!"

    Yeah, I was getting ready to say grab one.

    Home invasion


    Underground Tunnels

    Oh FUCK, they're gaining!
    Guess they know how to open vents.

    Junction Box

    So many trying to talk at once.


    DAMN! Wrong turn!
    Getting ANF length game over here

    Bullshit, I hit left that time!
    Damn, them horns loud.

    Staff village? Uh, no, that said Helipad.

    Okay, I didnt hit anything there, but I won't complain.
    I guess it was right after all. Oh wait, don't tell me it's random.

    "Don't look back! It only slows you down."
    Huh, good advice. Thanks Billy


    Conducit gone. Which means?

    What was the point of hitting Y there?
    Oh what, to see the water mains? Isn't that usually something that'd happen automatically?

    Somebody left they sub sandwich and drink there.
    Actually,wtf is that?

    Oh, so they we're defending their territory. How nice, if it didn't involve fuckin us up too.
    Either that or this light is too bright.

    I can read this, Survey the tunnels, No, yes, ,

    Why did her arm shoot up there for a second?

    Symbol is ladder, thick lines are pipes, Circle is water, square is transformer

    Yoder sees deadend and ladder
    Nima sees electric boxes and tunnel to right
    Gerry sees a T intersection and water tanks

    Are we okay?, Where are we?, , , ,

    What trick exactly?

    Oh, did they all grab one for the road?

    More mic problems Gerry--is it just broken? At least you didn't bump it. Too hard anyway

    Stay with Laura, , , , ,

    "Wander off into dinosaur infested, pitch black tunnels...I think I can resist that temptation."
    She's just over his shit at this point

    I wish it still would've said it's too dark :lol:

    Zero Blind Mice

    Surprised there wasn't any snark there

    Oh shit,you actually have to remember and recognize this

    You're not even paying attention,are you?

    Good to know the ink will disappear

    "I guess they all kinda look the same"
    Yeah, pretty much

    Jess, move your fucking head!

    I hope this is right

    The Final Intersection

    I know how to read a Schematic

    Troodon Turnabout

    Shoot, something's coming. Light the torch
    Woo-ooh! They were right there too

    Dang, these things are loud.
    They've got to be reproducing for there to br this many.

    Down Jess!

    Oh, its a hard hat

    Back--each of you!

    Get up Jess!

    Damn, locked door.

    That ones awful patient. How sporting.
    Lb and Rb to close one at a time


    Above Ground

    There was nothing we could do. :pensive:

    "And Yoder is with them"
    "Oh god."

    I don't know, You and the island, waited, Your name means?, InGen displaced you?, Spared no expense, We're you two close?, Sibo?, a lot like Jess, You still blame him?, , Atlanta?, They changed your life, Your father must be proud, Help me,I'll help you,

    A lagoon in the North.

    "Por a mor de el Dios! "

    So Nima and Oscar fought here twelve years ago.

    She used to live here among a water living tribe of fishermen.

    Her name means little fish because she used to love swimming into the ocean.
    Particular those with many colors.

    InGen promised her people better homes and education. Which meant slums, medicine that was half used if not contaminated, teacherless schools and

    They had her father, an away or spiritual healer who sang for their Creator Sibo, go make a good first impression for a good deal. They had him cut his hair and wear a suit, making him lose a part of himself upon returning.

    Oh, Mount Sibo! Okay.
    They believe the animals built it.

    She was upset with her father and refused to listen to him, but he didn't hold it against her. He likened her to a fish who refuses to take bait.

    Jess loved to climb, whether at the museum or the zoo. She even climbed into a tiger pen. Then the divorce happened.

    Nima prided stubbornness until she had Atlanta, who is almost grown--which means she may become prey of a cartel on their neighborhood. She is now a fisher who sometimes chases bait so they can go to ATL.

    Oh fuck, that's horrible!

    Yeah, seriously.
    Oh, as in Georgia--. My bad.

    Jess is Gerry's second daughter from a second wife. Both of his daughters are rebellious--so teenagers. He was a hellion himself.

    You know, there's a joke I could make here, but I won't.

    Oh, are those claw marks on her back shoulder?


    Yes, that is enough

    Oh shit, dilos....
    A swan? Development gag, I presume. Q

    Oh, it's just a tour truck. It'd be some shit if there's a dinosaur in there, though.

    4the of 7 stops--next stop is Marine facility and Aquarium.
    Did Dr. Sorkin send it?

    The Aquarium

    They can't open doors, can they? Not tall enough?

    A hatchery? Oh, for fish.

    Like Marine World™
    Suuure :lol:

    Alright, Ms. Tataupolus

    Wait, there are Whales and Orca here? In Jurassic Park?

    "Oh, you're a fish expert now?"
    "I can make an educated guess."

    A feeding schedule.
    Intended for 5/20-6/22

    Doncha just love when the game pauses on faces like yours, Jess?

    You sound disappointed.

    Oh wow, that was timely.

    What's up with that thing around her neck again?

    Of course the phones are still out.
    Find the Computer Room

    Can you two cool it for a bit longer? We just met back up.

    "B-52 carrying Holy hellfire"
    What a phrase.

    Oh, we're in the Pacific.

    Well, yeah. Ground Zero ain't exactly a nice name, especially with these guys.

    You couldn't have kept your goddamn mouth shut for 15 more minutes? Who knows what she thinks she's gonna do.

    To Rotunda apparently.

    All Together Now
    That's a big fuckin lie.

    Paleozoic Era
    Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian
    Oh yeah, this was on the test.

    Yeah it's just a catchy name.

    A giant pike-eel?
    Okay, *crocodile***-moray **eel.
    A mososaur

    I saw you, Jess.

    Well you two we're certainly friends

    Better jail than running from theropods, eh?

    I'm sorry about everything, About Nima and you, Marine exhibit, I want to go home, , ,

    Oh, this ain't your fault. Its Hammond's, with input from Wu and Nedry

    Did you just raise an eyebrow and roll your fucking eyes back?

    Date? Oh yeah, I guess she would be getting up there now

    Oh, Jess, no--Not your mic too!

    First it started faded, this time it went up a bit

    Amphibious mosquitos.
    But don't they lay eggs in water?

    Ill be over by the INfo desk, okay?
    Yeah, Dad.

    Random information sign.

    They use Paleozoic dates as key codes.
    Today is Saturday, we need Friday
    Carniferous, formerly

    Devonian named after Devonshire
    Dammit, that was right!
    No it wasn't

    Do not choose Devonian, Choose Devonian, On the off chance..., Everything alright, Operate elevator, Choose Permian,

    [A good bit of instructions im too lazy to type]
    Input, hold, reset, code

    Oh sure, Gerry. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, overtime, and penalty shootout.
    Stee-rike! :joy:

    "Hey,what's that I always say about a glass being half empty or half full?"
    "Hey I ordered a beer!"
    Okay, that is a good one.

    Jess, idk what it is about your eyes, but.

    Oh wow, your mic's trying to cut out.

    Those fishes are 2d, aren't they?

    Dang if you ain't walk over here to shut this down.

    Okay, so your meant to turn R all the way left, wait until it beeps, then turn right once. The code was determined already.

    Dang, that was wrong.
    Must've been backwards for Permian.

    You should've Jessl'l get your number

    Oh fuck, how did I know he'd say that?
    Yeah, back off from Butterfinger

    "...Women, am I right lads?"

    Marine Facility

    Your ears?
    Oh yeah, the pressure.

    Wow Jess, the pressure's spiking your volume too--what the hell was that?

    Nitrogen Narcosis. You really are full of guile.

    Woa--okay! Either the moon is full for lycos or the perspective was fuckin with me somethin rough just now.
    Man, I literally felt that tilt.

    "I want to speak with Hammond."
    Oh, I'm sorry--Mr. Hammond is unavailable. But Dr.Harding is.

    "Mr. Maquire" Who?
    "Peter Ludlow." Ah, I get that reference. Thanks Klayton.

    She's trying to stop the bombing, even withgoing rescue.


    I'm surprised she can't hear us.

    That was the quietest lock down I've never heard.

    Really--a hostage situation?
    The 60s are over, Moonchild, and you're probably at the edge of them--stop smokin that stuff.
    Sigh, at least note that one is a minor. A female one at that.

    Oh, so Nima's specifically Costa Rican. I suppose that matches up with Cubans and Puerto Ricans.

    You have no right, What will happen?, Other options, , , , ,

    ""Rights" are just an ideological construct."
    Oh, fuck you.

    Technically, no, not really. We can be educated and vote.

    Oooh, it's the US military! How typical.

    "This is lunacy! Fine, put the military on the phone."
    That was funnier than it had RIGHT to be.

    Um... Is she?

    Oh boy, this just turned into a mad scientist flick.

    That fire ax was that the whole time?

    Ethics Part 1

    You idiot.
    Damn. Why was that thing open, actually?

    I'll forgive that one since we are under water.

    William Yoder, ID 4122
    Haskum is his commander.

    Just press enter and the door will open
    Okay, that's funny

    Ah c'mon, man. Really? You're doing this shit now too?

    Is the game slowing down, wth?
    It's chuggin a bit there.

    Or Miles was anyway.

    You're just hitting the ax, honey. Aim higher or lower.

    What...oh Jess!
    I thought he rolled the shaving cream for a second

    Pfft--9ops, didn't see that in time. Ah well, at least it's realistic within reason.

    Who woulda thunk Jess jumpin a railing would be the key to surviving a flood

    Okay, THAT was funny.
    Oh...thats not funny at all.

    Third times the charm.

    Ethics Part Two

    Marine'd In An Aquatic Base

    A fish is watching us.

    It's sink or swim, whities.

    Dang, Jess continues to be great. In a pinch, too.

    Her mom's boyfriend Steve bought her scuba lessons as a secret.
    Jess was grounded and he slept on the couch for a week.

    How are you holding up?, I trust you, Me,too, , , ,

    Hypothermic from deep diving in the day
    Neopreen, diving suit

    Hatchery B, Pool 4

    "That outta keep it busy."
    Or make it hang around.

    Ooh, settin up for a nice routine.
    Wait, why are theirs two different primary colors?

    Rebreathers, closed circuit and custom designed

    Gosh, that Ronald Macdonald suit is messin with the moment a bit.

    You bumped the mic again, dangit! :lol:

    Fifteen minutes of air per tank. Not counting recycled CO2 for another 30.
    Damn. Wish we had a speeder.

    "That sounds bad."
    Yeah, no foolin

    Built in regulator mask--don't fight it

    Swim causally---you'll attract sharks if you spaz. And maybe Mososaurs.

    Jess: "Turn around."
    Gerry: * turns around nervously*
    Jess: * slowly advances with stern determination *
    . * Cuts to harpoon *
    The most awkwardly unsettling shot transition in the world joy

    Pfft--Nima, you look RI-diculous!

    Mososaur Mozy

    Awful shadowy, y'all.

    Ah, more of this tiptoey stuff. Except easier duebto the relaxing feel of the ocean.
    ...I just jinxed it, didn't I?

    Oh, that's Jess out in front!

    Nima's face jittered like a display screen a bit there.

    Dangit Nina, why did your big ass try to squeeze through there?

    More of thisbRstixk shit?
    Ah well, at least it's still relaxing enough to focus.

    Shit, making too much noise. Like echolocation or something.
    And here comes the Mososaur.

    Ohhoho, that shot of her ass before the thing crashed down scared.

    It has stripes.

    Oh wow, we worked in a shark cage bit.

    Oh shoot, it's coming back!
    "Do ya feel lucky?"
    Wait, why would it open its mouth to ram er?


    Woah, too close!

    Dang! How'd he know she was there?

    That was too close.

    Gerry, why'd you come back?

    Okay, you're supposed to wait till it looks away. I was about to gun it right as it turned.

    Tail like a readying cleaver.


    Cool harpoon use.
    And I got it on the second press

    The Swim

    Battle on the Beach

    Life's a Beach
    Yes it is


    That texture's a bit bitmappy.

    'Wait, I don't see anyone on it."
    "Maybe a dinosaur ate them."
    "Maybe Billy ate them."


    "Wait! Waitwaitwait...did you SWIM out of there?"

    Yoder: Alright missy. Hand it over.
    Bassoon(softly): Daaa-NAaa-NA--!
    Nima: * Whacks him in the face *

    Nice echo, buddy.
    No seriously, what the hell's going on?

    Sorry I waited so long, They're worth more than your life, , , , ,

    It's affecting her too--wtf?

    Ow! Bi!

    Dangit, OW!
    Missed more than half.

    Boy, they sure love that baby giraffe call.

    Oh shoot, knife's out.

    Egh! Just gotta keep the knife away at least.
    Keep tapping, like the Stranger.

    Ooh, that's a shocker!

    Carefully, intervene before they get up

    Gotta get up first, gotta get up first x10

    Watch your back Nima!

    Egh...stupid... Rstick...

    Fight to the Death


    Oh no...

    Halfway through a dab there buddy

    Imma do it

    I love how Rexie is just stolidly watching the can roll
    ""...You think I didn't see that,don't yo--."


    "...Shavin before our dinner date, Billy?"

    Nice toss.



    No... NO!

    Jess or the can... X!

    Do-you-think-he-asaurus Rex
    I don't get it

    Dammit. There goes the can.

    Casually trots up...a thwacks it!

    No time for a maze, Gerry.
    Oh SHOOT!

    . * Sees cage open--climbs the door *

    Climb climb climb

    Awh!!! My AAAAAss!
    Ow -hohoho!

    Ah, I'm not here for this Super Mario Bros shit!

    And rolls into THAT cage!

    This looks like one of those awkward interactive attractions at Carowinds!

    Keep Clear Of Gate

    "Jess! Start the engines!"
    Why does the voice audio keep getting cut off in this episode?

    Oh shitshitshitshitshit x25

    Old Friends

    You Can't Container
    Aw, shuttup already, game. Just...shut up.


    What? Can't you see we're having a bittersweet moment here, Jess?

    The Harding live in Dallas

    "How much did you say those embryos we're worth?"

    D'oh! Dammit Jess--a buncha ONES?! Got my hopes up.
    They must've been planning on paying them once she and Miles left.

    Jurassic Park The Survivors

    Well that was a brisk ending.


    What's with this foreboding music

    Okay, there's the JP ballad

    Voice Producer Julian Kwasneski

    Additional Programming Randy Tudor

    Legal Mark Barbolak

    Won't Remember You, Performed by.. The Lysine Contingency! :lol:

    English Cast Jon Curry Heather Hudson Nika Futterman Jared Emerson-Johnson Susan Cash James Horan Jason Marsden Carlos Carrasco Arl Ruben

    Additional Characters by Original Force

    Wait, Welcome to Jurassic Park has words?

    ©2011 Telltale, Inc All Right Reserved

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