The Community's Goodbye Letters -- Telltale's Closure [2018]



  • I have not been on this thread for over a year. And during that time when things seemed like Telltale was at an end I must of forgot to post my goodbye letter. And now having done so at a time where now it looks like some things are coming back I guess I jumped too quick.

    Time for community "welcome back" thread haha. (I'm sorry for my name clogging all the latest posts but I can't help it. I missed this place and the fact that telltale is "back" just warms my biscuits).

  • I just realised that because the forum's URL has changed to [] and the old [] leads to a dead end, the links in the OP no longer worked.

    Luckily, by simply replacing the section of the old URL with the new one, it redirects to the proper discussion page and comment just fine. You're welcome.

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