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  • A new subforum for The Expanse is now avaiable

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    Telltale fan here , I am no game developer but had some ideas hopefully not thought of. I love The Walking Dead series you guys created and would love to see more!! One area I think you guys can explore is Lilly after stealing the RV to joining Delta ,and she could have flashbacks of life before the first group and during making her relive hard moments .

    Also I think if you guys could , you should do a Silence of the Lambs game. Starting with a Buffalo Bill story called “Where the Buffalo Lies “ . I have a million ideas for everything mentioned above . Anyway just some ideas and figured I’d shoot my shot but in the end I’ll play whatever you guys make.

  • Previous games were amazing, we're counting on you guys and supporting all the way!
    The Expanse looks amazing, but why it isn't available on Steam platform?
    Maybe there will be possibility to buy previous titles as well?

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