How do you describe both seasons of Telltale's Batman?

For me:

Season 1: Decent, a great way to start the series.

The Enemy Within: Even better than the first.


  • I think season two would be better if they made Alfred stay with Bruce as batman, it wasn't possible to choose to remain batman without Al.

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    If there is a Season 3, the new developers should make the consequences of bad choices much harsher to deal with. E.g. early death of Bruce/Batman if he loses his tech person (Tiffany), loses important allies (Alfred, Vigilante John Doe who stays his friend, Catwoman), or deals with a super vengeful Joker.

    I think Polygon wrote a very good article:-
    The easy choice made impossible: Rachel Dawes should have survived The Dark Knight

    Batman draws super-villains with superior intelligence who are out to destroy all that he loves. It is unavoidable, whether or not he is Batman or Bruce, and the love interest is always the top target. The skills that these super-villains have are unmatched by the GCPD. If he had an ally with the same level of speed or ninja skills, Rachel Dawes could have been saved.

  • Season 1 was a let down for me. I diden't like some of the dialog dynamics between characters and things became predictable.

    Season 2 however was pure joy. So much improvement on the Telltale formula was met and then stellar characters like Harley,John and Waller made the season amazing.

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