Seeking to design a mobile game and would like input

Hi guys!

I have been interested in trying to make a mobile game and I would like to receive your guys' input through some polls. It will be a minimalistic game in the same style of puzzle mobile games like flow free with inspiration from pinball, pool and pong. The main mechanic will include ball collision. To compensate for the simplicity there will be several game modes. It's still in pre-production.

If you could please answer questions according to these polls I would greatly appreciate it.

What game title do you prefer?

What theme do you prefer?

How should the theme song be?

Which icon style do you prefer? (below link)
(Yes the icons are generic and crude and made in paint but it gives me an idea of which style is best; they will be more polished in the final product)

Icon 1

Icon 2

Icon 3

Thank you for your time!

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