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So i heard about this new possible batman 1 &2 bundle release (or whatever it is) and at first i got exited to see lcg in my feed then i read the news to see it seem like mostly the same.But with time i know we'll find out more..if they do however release a batman bundle ill definitely be buying it even tho i have both seasons already just to support lcg and the types of games that i want to continue i know if this is their first announcement. It would be kind of a bummer.. but showing them they have an eager fanbase and get some sales on their first output could be a great start to get the ball rolling it the right direction! So what im asking really is. that die hard telltale fans buy this new realease if it happens for the future games that you want to see and help the new telltale prosper!


  • They really need to announce what new thing they will do if this is what they are doing. Its a hard ass sell to go "Just buy this collection so we can make games" when you dont even know if they are going to make the games you actually want. (even if all die hard telltale fans bought it, it still aint gonna be that much tbh)

  • The media will talk about the number of sales that lcg projects get from their releases.showing them they can get decent numbers from the gate can make it appeal as something that can work and continue. Im a fan of the episodic release and decision making type games in general and this company has the licenses to two very good projects i would like to see possibly continue.So just thinking a showing an extra support in numbers in anyway could help them get going and active in more media feeds and get them communicating.if we get them communicating then they'll. Talk to them about projects we have waiting to hear about and or
    other projects and we can go from there. and i know it may not be a huge difference. But im really trying to convince die hard telltale fans to get these new releases as in wanting their favorite games/game style to continue rather than be like( nah i already have it..release something new...)

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