Can't post anything on TWD forum page?

Is it bugged or they closed it? The last responses are dated on August, what happened?


  • They lost the rights of this IP, the rights are now for skybound not TT anymore so the forums of it is closed.

  • I do hope they get this place more polished up by the time Batman Shadows Edition drops. Would have been nice to have this place more ready to roll when Wolf 2 was announced as Im sure it would bring in more people but at the moment its hard to find this place.

  • its sad it is closed
    had lots of good memories on twd forums
    but it makes sense

  • Hey, I remember you!

  • Don't understand why it actually had to close down to be honest. Sure, TWD is Skybound's now, and old Telltale don't have the rights to the game, but do those rights really include having an official forum? Yeah it would be weird if official new Telltale had an official forum for a game they didn't have the rights to, but still.

  • me? yep i am back on the forums i was a member before and was very active on twd forulms - long time no see o:)

    Ghetsis posted: »

    Hey, I remember you!

  • Hey bro, I do remeber you to

    Ghetsis posted: »

    Hey, I remember you!

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