My hopes for batman season 3 (if they release it)

So with batman season 3 the one thing I really want is for them to go more in depth with Bruce’s And Selina’s relationship so possibly giving us a choice to propose to her in episode 4 and get married in episode 5 (at the end) and I would also like to see them introduce robin into the mix but we will have to wait and see it will probably be announced after wolf among us 2 and it is highly possible considering 1. It’s another fan favourite 2. They still have the DC license explains why they are making WAU2, so fingers crossed once WAU2 is released we get an announcement about it 😬.



  • Agree. Since they are making WAU2 and they retained the DC license.

    Although I feel as though the game meant for a bittersweet ending, as Selina seems to leave Gotham at the end of Season 2 no matter what choices you picked. I think she will come back in Season 3, but not initially.

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