Episodes 2-5 Xbox 360 Not Working

Hi. I bought a physical copy of the Batman Telltale game at my local game store for 360 and after I beat the first episode, I noticed that 2-5 all said check for availability. Please help. It says that the season pass is purchased.


  • For Telltale support, go to https://www.telltale.com/player-support/ and click the blue button at the bottom right of the screen.

  • I am also having the same problem on playstation 4.

    I have the bluedisc, I downloaded all the updates, but I can't play episodes 2-5.

    The game menu informs you that the episodes are purchased but not downloaded. When I try to download, a message informs me that the content is currently unavailable.

    I contacted Telltale support, but got no response.

    I paid for the game, but I can't play.
    How to solve this problem?

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