Shadows DLC not available in EU?

Will the Shadows DLC become available in the EU too at some point? Now in the in-game link keeps saying that the content is not available... Thanks.


  • Bump.

    I want to know this as well. I already contacted Telltale and Sony in this matter. So far, Telltale doesn't bother to reply at all, and Sony plays dumb, replying they can't give me details on prices etc. As if I asked about prices. Maybe actual reading would help.

    It seems like nobody cares.

    Even here no one replies. But i won't buy the 30 € Edition. They promised us the 5€ Upgrade. And so far, PSN US got it and XBox too. So I guess we have to wait a little longer.

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    Just wanted to update and say that we are working on the issue of the Stand Alone DLC not being available and will update everyone once we have more information on it.

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