The Wolf Among Us' flaws

The Wolf Among Us is often heralded as one of the greatest games of the past decade, for its excellent writing and characters. But did Wolf have any flaws in its writing? Anything lazily done, anything you thought could've been executed better, maybe something too cliche for your liking?

I know that Wolf isn't flawless, but I never see any criticism of it.


  • I didn't like the way Snow answered all of Bigbys effort at the end. Even Bigby couldn't talk with her. I think the ending was a little poor and at least Snow could thank Bigby. I would love it if they kissed.

  • I made an account just to say that Bigby's wolf senses are defective. For example, when he goes to Toad's apartment, the only blood he can smell is on the poker (from what I can remember, he says he smelled it from the door), even though the blood on the wall and on Toad himself are much closer. Toad probably hadn't started bleeding yet, but he was smashed in the head hard enough for blood to be on the wall.

    However, Bigby sometimes has to put objects right up against his face to smell them, like with Snow's hair. There's also the beginning of the game where Toad calls Bigby a "furry pricked gobshite", so if his dog hearing worked properly Toad would've been quite literally kicked full force into the door. Lmao My grandma's hard of hearing and she would beat my ass just for calling her stupid.

  • Jack didn't actually go anywhere as a character in the story.
    You can meet him in Holly's bar when going to tell her the bad news, then he turns up at Crane's place if you go there first and can make some sort of agreement(I don't remember what). Then he turns up in episode four as well as it's preview working for Jersey and it seemed like he was in over his head and wanted to get out of his business after being spooked somehow. Yet when the episode itself happens, he just gets forced to wait for Jersey to show up alongside Bigby and leaves before the fight with Woody.
    It's almost like he was aware of the murders or even participated in a deal related to them, but wanted to make things right when he realized what he was helping with.

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