The Wolf Among Us Season 2- Things That I Want To See

The Wolf Among Us has to be my favorite video game by TellTale Games and it appears that the sequel will be released in 2021. I want Season 2 to explain the ending of The Wolf Among Us because the ending was a cliffhanger. We were all confused and literally saying "wtf". We all assume that Faith and Nerissa are the same person or that one of them switched identities by using glamours. Either way, glamours were involved to fool us.

I also want to see the sequel to dig closer to the first issue of the DC Vertigo comic books, "Fables", which the The Wolf Among Us is based on. I want to see Bigby and Snow coming closer to an actual relationship and to show more fairy tale characters. We all want to know where did Crane go, after he was captured by the Crooked Man's gang.

With this game being delayed, I hope that means that we will get a well made game and that it will be just as a good, or maybe even better than the first one. Hopefully, they will release another trailer and an official release date for the game. We all enjoyed this mature fairy tale themed video game that contained great dialogue, a great story, violence, language, sexual themes, and some humor. And this is what made this video game successful. Maybe the sequel will contain more mature themes.

TellTale Games has made really good video games. Many people enjoy them because it feels like a live comic book. But most importantly, many people enjoy them because you have the ability to make your decisions, which could lead to bigger consequences later on the game, and those consequences would affect everyone throughout the game. TellTale Games is one of the best video game companies. Even though it was recently reformed and under a new ownership in mid 2019, we are still looking forward to future titles.


  • I don't feel they should answer who Faith or Nerissa is, at least depending on what the story is. If season 2's plot is heavily connected to season 1 with many plot points coming from previous events that would lead to Nerissa/Faith being an important character again, than maybe. However they're role would most likely have to be hidden behind mysterious letters pulling strings or even glamoured as someone else again as we obviously cant just talk to them normally because we'd just ask who they are. Personally I feel it would just be more interesting to uncover more evidence that could point one way or another on who they actually are, I dont really feel it should ever be stated what the answer is and should always remain up to what the player thinks.

    Wolf 2 will probably stay closer inspired the earlier Fables books like Wolf 1 was. Bigby and Snow still wont be able to have a full romance story due to the comics which I feel is for the best. A pretty important part of the story is how nothing really works out in the end for Bigby despite his best efforts, and that would include things like a romance. They should continue to toy with the "will they wont they" of the 2 characters, but its very important that it doesnt actually "work out." Also Crane's question is answered in the comics, the game also states he was sent to Paris.

    The game isn't delayed. That was just some baseless rumor. Sure things could be delayed due to Covid, but theres no proof production is delayed in anyway right now. Knowing the development is ditching the "live development format" and is not going to be rushed is a very good thing though and should only enhance the story. Live development sucks because it locks them in, if they released up to episode 2 already and while writing have an idea that would enhance the story but now they cant because something in episode 2 conflicts with it, they cant change it. Its also a horrible way to work as its pretty much built to be and only ever be crunch. Finishing the game first would remove problems like this and would also limit plot holes as they can actually go back and change and fix things now.

    Personally I just want it to feel like a proper sequel and for there to be some more gameplay to make it more like a "game." Telltale had a weird habit of their sequels really not feeling like "real" sequels because everything that happened last season just didnt matter in the next. You could very easily skip one and just pick up and play another without knowing what happened in the first. Theres nothing wrong with accessibility but Telltale went a bit too far with it where it started become a turn off for older fans. I hope Wolf 2 just has a focus on having the first hour basically work as a reintroduction and catching up people if they are new and a refresher for old, after that you're expected to understand what happened last season if you for some reason skipped.

    I always thought it was weird Old Telltale never made Wolf 2 as honestly out of all their other IPs it made the most sense for Wolf 2 be more of a "stand alone" game available for new comers and old fans. Each season would basically be a mystery book like Sherlock Holmes. However, now with all the drama and the time passed with Wolf 2, I feel they really need to go for a very direct sequel route. Its going to be facing one of those problems of its been so long since the first game peoples expectations are super high, and if they dont follow through with a direct sequel and do something more stand alone, people are going to be disappointed no matter what the actually quality is.

    Lastly just gameplay. There needs to be gameplay that isnt linear as it helps convince people to play and buy it, not watch it on Youtube. It would be much different than most Telltale games, but they should try and adopt some sort of combat system that isnt just QTEs or like Final Season's where although it was an improvement, it was still just QTE's in reality. Personally I feel they should try and go for more of a God Of War 2018 type of style. It would play differently obviously, but just have more of a focus on melee attacks, dodging, and evading with a camera close behind the shoulder. For none combat, I hope they give investigating more close to something like L.A. Noir where you can examine items you pick up in more detail. Smelling items for more info would also be welcomed.

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    I'm also incredibly looking forward to the second part. It's a shame, of course, for Game of Thrones, when I played in the first season, it was very cool to plunge into this universe, given that I am a fan. Will believe that the wolf will be as gorgeous as the first time! If you want to read something interesting by the way, you can look at the site and see there, a huge online library, many legends. Wolf fans will definitely like it, I assure you 100%.

  • I know we've been through this, but why can't Bigby get involved in a proper romantic relationship with Snow in the wolf among us series? I really hope in the second season Snow express her feelings for Bigby and at least we see this discussion between them.

  • The simple answer is because the comics wouldnt allow them to enter a romantic relationship as it would break the canon.

    However, they can still play with the idea of it. For example if they wanted, theres nothing canonically stopping them from having a plot where Bigby and Snow are seemingly going to enter a relationship but due to events of the story it makes it so it cant happen and that would radiate all the way until the comic canon. Could even have it so Snow just denies Bigby at the time. Bigby in the comics in the very first issues is not very subtle at all and makes it pretty clear he likes Snow to her face. Season 2 if they wanted could give Bigby the option to be more flirty, but the catch is Snow would deny it or at least play with the idea, nothing would really come from it.

    I know we've been through this, but why can't Bigby get involved in a proper romantic relationship with Snow in the wolf among us series? I

  • Yeah that's right. Here's my thought on how they can proceed with more flirty stuff: Bigby and Snow are caught in the very same situation as they had when Bigby was injured in the forth episode of season one, but this time things get a little hot and Bigby kisses Snow and later she says that was a mistake!! :/

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    The simple answer is because the comics wouldnt allow them to enter a romantic relationship as it would break the canon. However, they ca

  • :/ why did you put that lol

    Yeah that's right. Here's my thought on how they can proceed with more flirty stuff: Bigby and Snow are caught in the very same situation as

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    Because it's kinda sad we can't see romantic relationship between Bigby and Snow in TWAU but don't worry Bigby is not interested in human girls now!! :D

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    why did you put that lol

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