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Did you guys like the trailer? What direction do tou think the game will take? Are you happy with how the series is panning out?


  • I'm excited. I loved RE7, althought I would ask why they are continuing Ethan Winters' story? Cause I thought he was just a regular civilian and his story ended perfectly at the end of RE7, saving his wife who was thought to be dead for 4 years. I hope this time, they will make him a likable character because in RE7, he lacked emotions, mostly due to the first person cliche in which the PCs don't talk because players are the characters' face. They need to make me care about his character, just like how they did with Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire etc.

    It looks like the setting is going to take place in Romania. In case you didn't know, I am romanian myself and we all have history of vampires, dracula (You can tell by my account name) and I think someone told me, there is this word "Lei" featured in this trailer. Lei is our money brand (Correct me if it's the wrong word). We have lei, not euros. I highly hope they have characters speak romanian. It would make me so happy because Romania is the most underused country in video games. The only game that takes place in my country is a xbox kinect game called "Rise of Nightmare". I would translate that language if the game doesn't when I'll play it on my channel.

    As for the setting itself, it looks amazing. It gives me Bloodborne vibes due to the atmosphere. I think it was a good decision to take inspiration from RE4, although I wasn't a huge fan of it because it was too linear and felt dated.

    I'm kind of scared what they are gonna do with Chris in this game. First, they changed his model to how he looked like in RE6. If Capcom could do that, then why didn't they do it in the first place? They made him look like a different person in RE7 and it just screws people's mind by the fact that he went from a boulder punching steroid to a regular soldier to steroid again. It sounds doubtful but Capcom should update RE7 to change his model with his RE8 one to respect the continuity.
    Second, the tag of this game is "His story comes to a close". It can't be Ethan because his arc has just begun or y know, has aleady ended in RE7 with a happy conclusion. I think it's gonna be Chris because he has been through a lot. If this is gonna be last time we see Chris Redfield chronologically, then they need to bring back Jill, Leon and Claire for some cameo roles cause these guys were important to him.
    It looks like he is going to be the main antagonist of the game. I hope they don't force us to kill him like a BOW boss type. He deserves a proper conclusion, after doing everything he could to destroy viruses.

  • I'm very excited. I'm really really hoping it sticks very very close to RE7's gameplay and design. I know they said its a bit more action focused, but I feel thats probably more so the fact that the enemies like the werewolves are much faster. Really hoping our only form of real defense is blocking and ducking again. Luckily it does seem more focused on horror as leaks have said your flashlight battery can die and needs to be recharged which is something I'd expect if the game is more focused on horror again. I just want it to be scary. RE2 and RE3 really dont have the same fear factor RE7 had. (I do hope the currency system is not like RE4. It should be scavenged, not dropped by enemies.)

    The trailer looked super cool and the locations also look sick. Really excited for the castle/manor and the village itself. I kinda wonder if theres going to be a day and night mechanic where enemies become more violent. The dev update seems like they are very passionate about the game so Im really excited for August for the next update where Im assuming we will see true game play and possibly a release date (January 2021 seems very likely.)

    Also Im happy Ethan is returning. I know he is considered kinda bland which I guess for the most part he is, but I feel having the game focus more on an average Joe works a lot better for RE essentially for one thats meant to be more scary. Characters like Leon have straight up dealt with bio-wars and drop kick zombies, its kinda weird to now play as a character like that who is suddenly not an action star seeing how RE7 and now 8 are going for a more "grounded" approach. Also I like Ethan a lot. Sure he isn't the most compelling and its kinda funny how he doesnt seem to care about dead bodies and his arm being cut off, but after replaying RE7 so many times for some reason he just gives this aura that I really like about him. Making him more involved with Chris and the larger RE universe is the correct direction to go for sure and Im glad its making more people appreciate him. Apparently he is also going to be a bit like Ash Williams in this game so thats a big ol plus.

    Basically all Im saying is Ethan is the most Chad character in all of RE and Chris has realized this, thus removing Mia from the equation. He is has moved on from Leon- its time for Ethan to continue the bloodline. Chris is done asking nicely.

  • The Redfield lineage is the best expanded universe story line, but I'm confused. I looked it up, and it said Chris married Jill after RE5. Jill retired from working the field, but still works to fight bio-terrosim. So she's pretty much the new Clive O'Brian. On a real note, I love how Chris is wearing all black just like his best friend - Wesker

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    I'm very excited. I'm really really hoping it sticks very very close to RE7's gameplay and design. I know they said its a bit more action fo

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