I'm back! Here's what I want for Telltale Batman: Season 3

Okay, so in the past... I gave up Batman for Alfred to stay. I know that this going to make people for those that stood as Batman's mantle just for Alfred to leave and let Bruce continue his thing. But hey, some people will have to die for a cause to come back. Bruce giving up Batman must happen for Alfred to understand what he's changed and what he will do to make the community better by atoning his father's actions in Wayne Enterprises.

Set after the Joker Vigilante Route, here's how it would play out, it might be different from Telltale's perspective of their story, but here is what happened after Bruce gave up the mantle:
Selina Kyle and Tiffany enter Wanye Manor:

"Bruce!" Selina also is known as Catwoman ran up to Bruce and kissed him on the left cheek. "Thank you for saving my life from Waller. I could not be back on the streets without you."

"Alls well it ends well, Selina." Bruce smiled, looking at his trusty sidekick Tiffany Fox. "Tiffany, welcome home. I have yet to teach you though, but learning takes time to master. I'm sure of it."

"Thanks, Bruce." Tiffany smiled, she looked a bit confused about his sad expression. "Bruce is uh... Something wrong?"

"Tiffany, I... I got some bad news before I teach you..." Bruce sighed knowing that Alfred understood his words since his tremors gone away. "Batman is... Gone."

"Gone, what do you mean gone?" Tiffany raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Are you serious?" Selina widened her eyes.

"Yes, both of you." Bruce sighed. "Alfred... Saw through me all the pains and troubles I've been through for becoming Batman. The mask was putting too many people in harm's way in our war. That's why I gave up Batman. To let people know that their safe while he's away. I know there might be some bad out there, but I donated my cause for Wanye Enterprises to show the people of Gotham that I atone for father's unspeakably heinous crimes that impacted all of us."

"Bruce... I don't know what to say." Selina sighed. "I guess that I won't see you back at the rooftops anymore."

"So... Is this really the end?" Tiffany wondered. "Without Batman, how I can teach just from Bruce? He isn't even Batman at all?"

"Bruce may lecture you from what he knows as Batman, Tiffany." Alfred comforted her. "Learning ethics are a powerful tool to atone for an unsavory misdeed. But it can also motivate you better once you wash the blood of your hands."

"Ah, I get it." Tiffany warmly smiled. "Thanks, Alfred."

"I'll be in the kitchen, making some snacks." Selina smiled. "Alfred, could you come to help me?"

"Sure thing, Ms. Kyle." Alfred smiled as he walked away noticing Bruce teaching Tiffany, leaving him a tear down his face.

"Bruce... I'm so proud of you!"

And just like what Bruce taught to John Doe at the asylum, is what Bruce is teaching to Tiffany.

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What do you think about this short story? Do you think it fits well with the ending theme of Batman Season 2? What do you want to see in Batman Season 3 based on your choices and what do you hope next in the story? Also, what about a grand finale? Thanks! It's great coming back!


  • Sounds very plausible! But I think the creative team didn't intend for a completely "happy" ending in Season 2. They were aiming for a much more bittersweet ending to lead into Season 3.

  • If there's ever a S3, I want to see more of Harley Quinn.

  • Why do you like Harley so much?

    If there's ever a S3, I want to see more of Harley Quinn.

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    I think she's a great interesting character, why you ask? (Not trying to be rude)

    Camperor posted: »

    Why do you like Harley so much?

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