Batman Bugs

Recently I bought batman: the telltale series on my ps4.
I was very disappointed to discover the multitude of bugs in the game. I'll do some examples:
1) At the end of the first episode, when the building where Falcone is located is shown, a part of it is missing.
2) In the second episode if you choose to go talk to Mayor Hill with Bruce wayne, the secretary will appear without a part of the head.
3) In the third episode if you choose to save Montoya, the woman will be invisible.
4) The smoke effect of the cigarette smoked by Gordon is unwatchable.
5) There are often blurring in the footage.
I only made it to the third episode but these bugs made my gaming experience very bad. I understand that you have had your problems, and I am sorry but this is by no means an acceptable standard for the sale of a video game. Don't betray the trust I have in your studio. Fix these bugs. I await your response. Thank you


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