Eli Knable or Rumi Mori?

I know this is difficult for an Episode 1 decision based on this Season alone. But my Bruce is about being as selfless as possible to limit how many casualties he'll face in the battlefield alone. Thing is, making more enemies isolates Bruce more better.

Which is why I picked Eli Knable and took the route on being more pacifistic to him by using the "signal" to help confess where the Riddler maybe hiding. Being brutal doesn't fit right with me, so I guess this IS the right decision even more people would look at it otherwise.

The downside is having Jim Gordon be at low levels with because you went behind his back, but he doesn't get demoted by Waller into "Deputy Ops". Thing is, Mori never visits Bruce, so whether he is an enemy to him or not is up in the air.

What was your pick to finding Riddler in Episode 1? Rumi Mori or Eli Knable?


  • Eli. His design just stuck out, he seemed like a more personal minion for the Riddler, and therefore he would have actual knowledge of what he was planning.
    Mori might be able to tell you what Riddler got from him, but not necessarily what he would do with it or especially where he'd do it.

  • I chose Eli Knable. Bruce only visited Mori's casino and never personally met Mori, so visiting Mori out of the blue is kinda strange. Also I like the fake signal intimidation scene, it's a smart move, and Waller's swearing is music to my ear.

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