How much did you try to make Alfred happy in your Season 2 playthrough?

Barring the choice at the final episode, such as choosing to keep the cowl as Batman or dropping Batman for Alfred to stay. How much did you try to make him happy?

In my playthrough to Vigilante Joker, I:

  • Allowed Alfred to "Grieve" during Episode 1. I can't let him see Lucius's death.
  • In Episode 2, I allowed him to do his thing so that he could feel more better.
  • In Episode 3, I made him proud by telling Tiffany my secret that I am Batman

And finally comes my ultimate regret, the choice in Episode 4.
Not that it matters as a huge impact or anything, but definitely a black mark on the perfection route to heroism Bruce is taking. But here it goes:
-Tiffany presents Bruce a photo of a gun and Alfred tells him that Bruce as Batman does not use guns. Instead of Bruce explaining that he doesn't kill as Batman, I instead picked that "I hate guns" option and then it boiled down me berating my code onto to Tiffany. That made Alfred "Disheartened".

Going off-topic, but at the end of the line in Episode 5, I gave up Alfred so that I can keep the cowl as Batman. Rough decision, I know, but the people of Gotham need the Bat more than anything. And that's fact that I'm willing to take. Whether Alfred likes or not, him leaving means he'll come back. Because from every story of Batman I read and watched from DC Comics, Alfred always comes back no matter what.


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