If you give up Alfred so that you would never give up being Batman, do you think he will return?

Okay, so in my real playthrough at the end of Episode 5 for Vigilante Joker, I gave up Alfred so that I can keep the cowl of Batman. This was a really tough decision to make, and while it's touching that you can give up Batman so that Alfred may reconsider, I still felt that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I was torn that I made Alfred anguished that this whole crusade of being the Dark Knight was going to consume my Bruce, but given that Season 2 was a complete nightmare for Alfred and that criminals could roam the streets freely. I have decided to let my conscience go free and let Alfred so that I could become Batman, and let Alfred leave his flight to the UK.

Hopefully, given all the positive choices in my relations with the characters. Iman Avesta working for Wayne Enterprises, being on good terms with Waller after Vigilante Joker, apologizing to Gordon to keep our partnership and ask him work in the GCPD (by selecting the "Fight your old job" dialogue option after speaking to Waller) if he gets the chance, redeeming Tiffany for violating Batman's code, and calling John a true fried to Bruce at the end. Made me feel that Alfred can look back one more time and consider that Batman wasn't so bad after all.

What do you think?


  • It's very possible, though it'd depend on how integral he'd be to a hypothetical Season 3.

  • From a "real life" perspective, it wouldn't make sense to pay a voice actor to voice lines for a character that only played a significant role for some of the players, so I think Alfred would at least make an appearance even if you chose to remain Batman, though he might not be Bruce's butler in that case. Or it's also possible he doesn't show up in either scenario, and you gave up being Batman for nothing. :)

  • I'm thinking Alfred will not be Batman's assistant anymore. He is already at his limit and I can't see him pushing himself anymore. If Bruce chose to give up Alfred in season 2, he may return in season 3, only to be Bruce's butler. If Bruce chose to give up Batman, in season 3 he decides to be Batman again and Alfred stays only to be a butler.

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