Who else should be Batgirl?

Just as the title says, who else should be Batgirl according to you?


  • Bro, we don't need a Batgirl in the DC Telltale universe, we already have Tiffany Fox. But if you decided to choose Tiffany to face justice, then fine, Barbara would probably be Batgirl

  • We got Tiffany Fox so that should be an obvious choice, but really we don't need a Batgirl now

  • While I agree that we don’t need a Batgirl in this universe since Tiffany Fox is presumably going to take over that role. I think Cassandra Cain would be an interesting one to see since they can introduce a Lady Shiva. Both Lady Shiva and Cassandra Cain are not very famous they would be an excellent way for these characters to gain some fame I guess lol.

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