What if The Wolf Among Us sells poorly?

What would happen? I'm pretty hopeful it'll at least sell better than TFS. I guess they can get acquired by another company if it bombs?


  • I dont really think it will bomb but it may not do that great either. I just hope that whatever they do with the game they market it and design it so it is very much focused on making it very clear that this is a game you should play yourself and not watch. If they do a good job reaching an audience I feel it has potential to really bring Telltale back.

    If it straight up fails who knows. Telltale may just not make games anymore and just be the people keeping the games up for sale or license of their own IPs if a different studio is for whatever reason interested.

  • It depends how badly, but the budget to create it is probably a lot smaller than traditional budgets from the Telltale that failed, so the game won't have to sell a huge amount to be successful.

  • I really hope it doesn't, there's not a lot we can do to help other than buying the game. which is exactly what im going to do. maybe three times because i seem to be doing that a lot lately. one copy for pc one for switch and one for Xbox.

    They could be getting a decent amount of profit from the Wallace and Gromit rerelease so this might not be the all in we think it is. Even if it fails I love you anyway TellTale :)

  • I hope it sells well. Telltale's demise is so heartbreaking.

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    If Telltale plays their cards correctly then it could be a big success.

    Wolf 2 has a lot of built up anticipation behind it due to the long wait. If they market it as Telltale's big come back, it could work.

    Games like Until Dawn, Detroit Become Human, Life Is Strange, A Way Out & It Takes Two have shown that these types of game have a market and can be extremely successful.

    As long as the game is good/gets good reviews along with good marketing. I don't see why Wolf 2 shouldn't be a success.

  • I don't think it will be a gigantic hit, but with the right marketing it should be at least profitable.

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