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I need The Wolf Among Us to come to my switch! Can this at least be answered??? : (
If the first season gets ported I’d hope they bring Season 2 as well. I can’t wait for more info on that : )



  • Probably wouldn't be a bad investment to be honest. If they market towards the Switch audience a bit more than just a single ad that goes "The Wolf Among Us now on Switch" then I could see people getting it.

    But who knows if they will do that. Maybe if they re-release Wolf on nex-gen with some sort of extra thing like they did Batman as it would be an excuse to do so.

  • Oh same! I prefer telltale games on Switch anyway because I can relax in bed with them (and they tend to be easier as well and I can enjoy them more leisurely.) I'd assume if they end up porting TWAU2 they'll port TWAU just to make it easier to get more players/hype.

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