Possible New Characters?

Ok so, this is something I've been wondering. Since I'm sure there's going to be some new characters introduced in Wolf 2, who are some fairytale/fable characters that you'd think would make a cool character to be introduced in the story? Now, this could be characters from the Fables comics (Boy Blue, Cinderella, Pinocchio, etc), or could be totally new characters that niether universes have used before. They could be villians or heroes, what characters would you like to see introduced in the game?


  • I don’t wanna guess characters that would be original, but I feel Boy Blue and King Cole are locks. What’s happening in the story after Wolf 1, both of them kinda need to be in it

  • Rose Red and Prince Charming, they are two core character in the Fables comic series. The story of Fables cannot be more mysterious and complicated without them (and they can also increase the appearing frequency of Snow because they have lots of contradictions with her).

  • As I remember, Cinderella went missing: her photo was on the wall in the hotel where Bigby, Beast and Beauty were. Maybe developers did it exactly for players to get that this character is goin to be in the game

  • For the villains, I hope they choose/create new ones that haven't been used similar to the first game. Since this is a prequel, we can still have that mystery of not knowing their fates.

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