Batman: The Enemy Within, after-patch 1.05 bugs

I wanted to let you know if some of the more prominent bugs after the latest patch (PS4):

  1. In Episode 1, when you meet Gordon in the GCPD roof and start investigating to find where Riddler's hideout might be, when the gauntlet map is brought up, it has a black background that extends out of the gauntlet, like a wrongly placed texture.
  2. In Episode 1, after you prevent the giant sphere-like decoration from falling on Gordon and Mori, the music slowly fades out, and so, by the time Waller's agents enter the scene, there is no music at all.
  3. In Episode 2, when inside the car (Where you meet Harley), the car windows are completely opaque, and you can't see outside.
  4. In Episode 4, when lowering the temperature in Freeze's airlock, the windows become completely opaque, and you can only see the ice forming.
  5. In Episode 5, if you choose to confront Tiffany yourself, while looking at the photo of Tiffany where she's up in the bridge, the same black background appears, same as bug #1.

These are all the bugs I've encountered. Although my hopes are not too high, I hope you resolve them in the near future.


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