New Guardians of the Galaxy game (Eidos Montreal)

Hey I would love to hear all of your opinions on the new Guardians of the Galaxy game by Eidos Montreal!? I'm honestly really hyped for it and part of me thinks they were inspired by Telltale's Guardians with the choices and considering we never had another Guardians of the Galaxy game other than Telltale's?


  • It looks boring. I'm not really interested.

  • Nope, I got Elden Ring. That's all that matters to me

  • I think it has potential but we'll have to wait to see how it goes, although I don't like many of the designs and not the biggest fan of the cast. (Not that I think the actual VO is bad or anything, but they don't really "sound" like the characters. Plus Star Lord, Drax, and Rocket all sound very, very similar.)

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    When I heard the rumors Square had a studio working on a Guardians game my opinion was pretty rock bottom but after seeing it...It looks pretty damn good! The combat looks like it could have a lot of potential with how you can map specials and combo with each of the guardians. Having decisions made me very excited! If done right this could end being really investing. I read there won't be any alternate endings, but very curious what sort of routes it can branch off outside of the ending. I actually like the designs quite a bit, although I wish they used a cel-shaded fllter (at the very least a minor one) as the faces don't really scream comic book game. Even Telltale nailed that in some regards. My biggest concern would be how much talking there actually is. I like my walking conversations as I'm doing stuff but I also really like those moments to just breathe and take it all in. Hopefully they can balance it out. Overall. Surprisingly interested in this. Fingers crossed its good.

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    Edit: There, I changed "bad" to "off-putting".

    I'm definitely more interested than I was with Avengers, but still weary based on what I've seen of both so far.

    • I rewatched the gameplay footage, and the voice acting is very off-putting. Some strange dialogue between characters and they felt a bit flat at times. Also, definitely not used to the voices.
    • Not a fan of RPG-style levelling systems and stats-based "damage numbers" combat. Feels weird to cram that into the Marvel games, but I guess that's the thing they're going for.
      Bit disappointed we're restricted to just Peter Quill, but the combat mechanics of telling which character to attack is cool.

    • The character designs, as mentioned elsewhere, feel way too busy. Peter's jacket I think looks like a cool original version, and Groot's appearance (minus the chest pad thing) looks nice, also I love the LED-screen style mask for Peter, but the rest of it doesn't mesh well, IMO.
      (Funny enough, the Deep Dive video mentions how they're "not trying to emulate the comics or the films" but it's painfully clear they're trying to emulate the films).

    • Graphics look pretty darn good. If they include a wide variety of worlds in the final game, it could have a lot of promise. I hope it's not revisiting the same 4-6 places again and again, like Avengers apparently did.

    • The addition of choices is a very interesting choice, since this isn't the type of game to feature it, especially with just dialogue. It remains to be seen how prevalent these choices are and if they change anything (doesn't look like much so far). It has to be a reference to Telltale though, and that would be pretty sweet.
    • Hopefully there's a fun licensed soundtrack to this game. The Deluxe version says it comes with "The Mix" so there should be a nice variety of tracks on the mixtape. I love the idea of using it to power-up your team.
  • the voice acting is just bad

    That's really harsh. A little similar between Rocket and Quill but I wouldn't call the voice work bad at all.

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    Edit: There, I changed "bad" to "off-putting". I'm definitely more interested than I was with Avengers, but still weary based on what I'v

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    Edit: There, I changed "bad" to "off-putting".

    Alright, most of my issue with the VA-ing is with Star Lord's voice. Though most of the others leave something to be desired, but I can't quite put my finger on what. And yeah, Rocket and Quill (and a bit of Drax) all sound pretty similar. Rocket and Groot feel like the strongest performances of the group.

    It might be because of the E3 Demo, but the voice-acting feels so artificial when they leave the ship. It takes way too much precedent over the environment, and the yelling between the characters sounds like they're pretending to yell. I get that you're not really supposed to yell in VA, but whatever the actors here are doing here, some of the time it just doesn't sound like yelling through a storm and it takes me out of the experience.

    I am not a fan of this Star Lord's voice. It sounds like most of the time he's some rad surfer dude lounging on the beach, and because of it it takes away from his emotion and intention for me. ("Whooooaaaa that's some craaazy lightiiiing!". The delivery doesn't convey much shock.)

    This is only a vertical slice, so in future gameplay demos they might have refined the sound mixing and other areas of the game might have more impressive dialogue (heck, some of the dialogue might have been kept exclusively for the E3 demo, just to have as much voice work as possible in the gameplay. Some of it could be missing in the final game.)
    For now, for me, I'm not exactly impressed with much of the voice work in this demo.

    the voice acting is just bad That's really harsh. A little similar between Rocket and Quill but I wouldn't call the voice work bad at all.

  • This game actually doesn't look bad, though the designs feel a little weird to me. Like, I'm not really a fan of Drax's tattoos in this game. Though, they did say on their Twitter that they're going to do MCU skins...

    Also, no micro transactions or DLC. You'll have to unlock them by playing apparently, so that's sick.

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