Consequences for season 2?

Hi all,
I just played through season 1 and I LOVE the game (I have a big crush on this Bruce/Batman and the soundtrack and voice acting is just PERFECT!) but the ending was a real bummer.
It always said "he/she will remember" but the ending felt like one nearly everyone would get. I mean - it still said "Selina will remember this" or the Joker etc. - even though they never appeared again, so what does it matter?? What happens with all those memories, why don't they affect the ending? And the character building? It's nice to see how Bruce's character turned out (in percentage...) but that's all? No difference in relationships etc.?

So my strong hope is now, that it will all have consequences in season 2 at least! I guess season 2 will start with my season 1 savegame, right? Anything else would be such a big disappointment... and would make no sense - why owe Joker a favor for example or don't owe him when season 2 never goes back to your decisions?

So before I buy season 2 I want to make sure this is the way it will work. Can anyone tell me please?


  • Indeed, there are aspects of Season 2 that change based on your decisions in Season 1.

    It may pick up your decisions automatically, but with the things Telltale has gone through since Batman was released, that doesn't always work on all platforms. If it works, great! If it doesn't work, then what the game does is ask you what decisions you made for certain major choices, and any minor choices are decided based on how other players who made the same major choices decided them. (This is usually pretty close to what you decided, too.)

    You also have the option to start Season 2 with all the past choices randomized, but I don't recommend it.

  • Thanks, that's very helpful!

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