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    Stick with it! I went from knowing nothing about this series to thinking about it all the damn time. Of course, I'm a little biased. ;)

    I'm still in the process of trying to watch the first Season; I'm currently on... I wanna say, Episode 3 or 4 last I checked?

  • I've played every Telltale game. This brings me happiness.

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    Any news on release dates? I'm a die hard expanse fan. I've been a fan since the 1st episode was airing on the syfy channel. I understand the storyline in the game is supposed to take place where season 6 left off, in the 30 years between book 6 and book 7. I'm very eager to play and see the different variations in the story line.

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    Hey there, Hyroot! (Sorry, only saw this post now).

    The game actually takes place BEFORE the events in the show. We're getting more of Drummer's backstory. That's about all that's been said so far about the upcoming game. No news on release dates or anything like that, though!

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    Any news on release dates? I'm a die hard expanse fan. I've been a fan since the 1st episode was airing on the syfy channel. I understand t

  • So, I've been a fan of The Expanse since the first episode. I've gone through the books, and it's one of the few series where the books aren't better, they're as good, albeit different. Engaging characters, deep lore, actual physics.

    So I was super excited when I found out this game was being made. However, you can still screw it up, Telltale. You have a dedicated fan base, and from the looks of it, you're giving us what we want. I'm personally an Avasarala fan, but Drummer is still high on the list (Cara Gee just makes Drummer jump off the screen - tell me you got her for the voice).

    But you can still pull a Cowboy Bebop live-action and mess this up: please, please, please do not release this an an exclusive. I hate it when companies tell me how and if I can spend my money on their products. If you make it hard for me to buy your product? I wont. It's that simple.

    To be clear: I want this game. I will buy this game. But not if you pull an exclusivity stunt.

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    Re-read recently all the problems Telltale had in the past which ironically were related to its founders Kevin Brunner(do not really like that the man behind these blunders now has a new company Bruner House and even worked on the "Sequel" of the old Borderlands game, possibly carrying over all the horrible working practices over there) and Connors, the poor writers and employees had to live with fear of constant rewrites just because it didn't please those on the upper levels of the company with little time to react and much much overworking.

    With a new team, fewer employees(poor old workers that never got what they were owed by the old direction) and acquiring new projects such as the Expanse, I can only hope Telltale learnt from all the exploitation and dramas.

    Read the novels so this game could really be the perfect fit to reconnect me with the brand and community!

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