Cant Login first time after re install

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Trying to reinstall after a few years, It wont let me login to server, looked online and no fix has worked. Ihave sent a ticket.
Anyone know how to fix??


  • Having the same problem. Just want to follow in case someone has an answer.

  • Same issue, I enter my account info and it says it cannot connect.

  • I'd recommend contacting Telltale Support at

    Click the purple "Support" button in the lower right corner to submit a new Support Ticket, and someone from Telltale Staff will assist you.

  • Emailed support and go the following response:-

    Telltale Staff (Telltale Games Player Support)
    Feb 14, 2022, 1:34 PM PST
    Hi there,

    The version that you own is expired, as it was operated by the old Telltale. However, the new Telltale (LCG Entertainment) would like to extend you a courtesy key that you can redeem on Steam: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

    Thank you and have a nice day.


    Good Guys Telltale!

  • Just encountered this issue, why have a download option on this site if you need to redeem a Steam version. Just replace the download button with a contact support for a new steam key link instead?

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