The Expanse - Pre-release news thread: Announced at 2021 TGAs

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Pre-Season News thread

Here, you can check back often at our Pre-Season News thread to check in on news and updates about how the series is coming along. We compile news and updates here for your convenience, but feel free to also make your own threads to discuss news and updates as well!



  • Man I've missed these

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    edited February 14

    Cross posting from the Wolf thread; these "Pre-release News" threads are something slightly different from the old school "Episode Waiting threads", so we encourage you guys to make new threads for news/updates/etc.!

    We're just (also) compiling a quick synopsis of news updates here for your convivence.

    Once we get (much) closer to the series premiere, we'll see about doing a more traditional and old school "episode waiting thread".

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