If Telltale made a game version of Death Note, would you play it? (Spoiler!)

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********I'm not very big into anime, but this did make me slightly curious. The entire series of Death Note was about a seemingly innocent protagonist who immediately became a murderer, then proceeded to make progressively bad decisions that dug a bigger hole for himself that led to a cat and mouse game.

He had the ultimate anonymous killing tool, but his pride and arrogance led to him immediately becoming the biggest suspect. While he did eventually eliminate his rival through improvisation, he failed to learn from his mistakes and his first few actions in the series seemingly became his undoing in the very end.

If Telltale made a game about Death Note, but used its own original characters with a similar plotline and choices, would you be interested in playing it?


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    Honestly might as well just make a Dexter game instead it could work out much better.

  • The dynamics won't be as interesting. Dexter's archetype as the serial killing anti-hero is the same in his adulthood. As a human vigilante, decisions would be based on very convoluted plots. And then there's the problem of encountering too many villains instead of just being one. The sequels risk becoming progressively boring.

    The death note makes for a more interesting character arc because the protagonist starts off good and immediately becomes the most wanted criminal in a few minutes due to the player's choices. The cat & mouse game between the player and his main rival would stay until the end of the game. There are limitless possibilities with the sequels because they can decide upon a different character with a new storyline or keep the same one.

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    Honestly might as well just make a Dexter game instead it could work out much better.

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