There has been too much missinformation about Telltale

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I have seen in so many social media, but mainly on reddit, users spreading that the new Telltale has almost no ex employees and are only Telltale in name, that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be made by new people and writers with very little to do with the first game. The problem is also that the use this as an insult, like how the new Telltle is just an "dead corpse" and a "former self of old Telltale" and nothing else.

But if people made their research, they would see in the game informer article that of all the current employees, half of them were from the old Telltale. More than that, they would know that The Wolf Among us 2 is also being made by Adhoc Studios, which has many people who worked on the first The Wolf Among Us season. Literally both seasons will have the same lead writer. This Wolf season will have more people from the original game than the game would have before Telltale shut down.


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    There is definitely some prevalent misinformation in other areas. An oddly common one I see is that new Telltale was formed with the whole Skybound finishing TWD Final Season thing and then firing all the employees and hiring new ones. I do get that the whole situation is a bit confusing from an outsider's perspective, but it is pretty irritating the amount of misinformation you see.

  • I think there is just an unfortunate truth that the vast majority of people will always be incredibly uninformed on any subject even if access to the information is not hard to obtain. Even more unfortunate is the amount of people who want to voice their incredibly uninformed opinion as fact. Honestly I cant imagine how frustrating it must really be for current Telltale devs to see some of this stuff.

    I think part of it may also be because people love negativity. I think we are all pretty prone to it as it is a powerful emotion. I know for sure I've been sucked into it. But I wish more people would work to try and see through things that may initially seem bad. It is a much better way to live life than to constantly have your black and white glasses on at all times.

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