Improving Fixed Camera Visibility (ie. most Telltale games!) on Steam!

edited March 2022 in General Chat

We at the Fixed Camera Appreciation Society are currently trying to make the store tags 'Fixed Camera' and 'Static Camera' standardised on Steam.

If enough of us do this, these will become standard tags on Steam and these games will be searchable by those tags (and possibly through more relevant recommendations at the bottom of the store pages, eg. 'More like this...').

This will make Telltale's games easier for fans of the fixed cam approach to find on the store, bringing the developers more customers and making the store a more healthy place for the approach as a whole.

If this sounds helpful, apply those tags to some fixed cam games! (Click that link to see how) For the developers, maybe encourage your audience to do the same!

Be seeing you (from a slightly elevated, pitched downward angle)!
-- The Fixed Camera Appreciation Society

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