"The Rotten Core" Episode Discussion

Hey this week we have the title of a volume of the comic book - how exciting! We're close to the end of this...middle-part? of the season.

Comment if you care!


  • Another good episode. I really like Sebastian and Horsnby. The actors do a good job of really getting under your skin with their performances, especially Sebastion who I absolutely hate. Seeing Negan going up to bat to take care of Herschel was great, especially with their little confrontation and Negan saying they can settle with when he's older. Weird that he's married now though, and also having a baby. It's only been a few months since he'd left the group. Also watching the CIA dude get taken down by his own gun and then getting devoured by walkers was pretty satisfying.

    I've been really enjoyed part 2 of this season so far. Things aren't dragged on for too long and things are developing nicely. Hopefully the quality stays all the way through.

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