"Follow Me", "Mourning Cloak" and "Ofelia" Episode Discussion (Fear TWD back by popular demand)

Okay so @CapnJay said he missed my Fear episode threads. I haven't caught up on Fear in weeks, but well, he wants them, so here you go. Discuss them all you want, all two of you. Comment before, while, and after you watch.


  • Thank god for @CapnJay.

    Follow me - had potential, actually quite liked the setup, but as per usual they make a character, have him be a major part of the first episode he's in and then dies.

    Mourning Cloak - also couldve been way better than it was, also introduces a character, spends the whole episode on him, and kills him. Final 5 mins were pretty epic though.

    Ofelia - easily best episode this half so far. I don't know that Im a huge fan of dementia Daniel, but they blended the old daniel with new daniel the best they could I reckon. Luciana also gets more lines and screentime this ep than s4-s6 combined I think. And she strays from her goody two shoes character and does something thats pretty shitty. I like that.

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