Lucasarts veteran David Fox interview, on Conversations with Curtis.

Hey everyone, just thought I'd just let you all know that David Fox who worked on many Lucasarts games has just been interviewed on the Conversations of Curtis youtube channel. This channel is hosted by Paul Morgan Stetler the actor who played the lead role in the Sierra game Phantasmagoria 2 and he has interviewed several people that worked at Sierra, so if you guys are also Sierra fans check it out.


  • I know that channel it's awesome that after all these years they managed to bring back some of the actors who worked on that game for some interviews and shed some light on the development of the games and such.

    Phantamasgoria 2 was truly ahead of it's time featuring one of the first bisexual male video game character (in the 90's !) as well as an entire BDSM storyline which were still fairly taboo subjects back then,definitely one of my favorite FMV games.

    Anyway nice interview thanks for sharing it here.

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