How’s your 2022 ?

Since it’s been half a year since 2022 I’ve been busy reading comics throughout the year I read Black Widow Vol 1 The Ties that bind and going to read Space Bastards Vol 1 and other graphic novels such as Steven King and Owen King sleeping beauties and Stranger Things Vol 1 thorough 4 I found in the library and of course I’ve been going too the gym a lot lately but enough on me…

How about your 2022 experience so far?


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    Not much, I guess. Had some difficult family drama, been busy with my internship for my third year of college but I finally managed to get a PS5 after 1 and a half year. I have been playing a lot of Elden Ring but I have yet to finish it. It's a very long game which isn't exactly my style, but I will finish it eventually, hopefully this summer. Also, because of PS5, I have played a lot of old titles that I did not get to play in their initial release.

    I have recently finished and platinumed a game called "A Plague Tale: Innocence". I expected nothing from this game and I thought I wouldn't like it due to being another "The Last of Us" wanna-be. Fortunately, it proved me wrong and it instantly became one of my favorite games ever made. Not to mention that the next game which I am anticipating for this year is A Plague Tale Requiem.

    I also finally got around to play The Evil Within games and unfortunately, I did not like those games at all. Especially the first one. The first Evil Within was the most frustrating experience I have ever had since The Last of Us Part 2. None of the characters had any sort of personality, the gameplay was soo over-the-top, repetitive and clunky, it had way too many one-hit enemies and bosses, the story was too vague for me to care about it and it was way too long than it needed to be. I honestly don't get why people think they are better than a Resident Evil title (I even dare to say I prefer RE5 and 6 over those games). The Evil Within 2 was ok, better than the first one but that doesn't say much. I don't understand why it went open world in the first half. There was nothing interesting about this idea and it had a worse atmosphere. The best way I can describe The Evil Within is "What if Shinji Mikami directed Resident Evil 6?". I guess you can say my hatred towards this game is the same as MetallicaRules' hatred on Life is Strange.

    Overall, just another year of the 2020's. Still not a fan of this decade and I am kind of afraid of what I want to do in the future because I am close to finishing my college.

  • Better than my 2020-2021.

  • Financially, pretty bad. Inflation is killing me, my portfolio is way down over the last few months, I owed taxes this year, everything is more expensive, my savings account is almost wiped clean, and despite cuts in the budget, I’m still walking away with less money than I was at this point last year, despite a bonus at work.

    Everything else is alright or the standard. Just wish the economy was doing better.

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