Help with a discontinued game

Hello, and sorry in advance for using General Discussion instead of the appropriate forum.

I own a physical copy of Jurassic Park: The Game. I tried installing it on my gaming PC (Win10) yet it refuses to open. I thought the problem might be with the DVD, ao I paid for a Steam key, which successfully installed yet still refues to open. I don't get any error or message, just nothing happens. On Steam it says Running for a moment, before resetting again. I tried making it compatible to older OS, still nothing.

Funny thing is, I also own a gaming laptop, also Win10, on which the Steam version runs smoothly with no adjustments needed. So what gives? What's the compatibility problem with my PC? By all means it ahould be able to run it, but for aome reason nothing happens.

Again, I know there are JPTG dedicated forums but they seem to be dead for over three years now, so here seemed like my safest way to get help.

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