A movie/game character you wish to become

Hi all!
What is your number one favorite movie/game character? Would you like to become them? I’d love to hear the reasons and the story behind (maybe!). Btw, I will be happy to create a dedicated topic to talk more about it, hoping it will interest some of you.


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    Ummm probably the protagonist of the Judgment games Yagami, yeah the guy went through lots of drama on his past but has pretty good friends like Kaito(and tons of pretty girls after him,see girlfriend dlcs and you will be shocked) plus his life as a Detective in Kamurochō is damn exciting facing against Yakuza and corrupt Japanese policemen(and politicians) while also reconnecting to his past as a lawyer.

    Worst of being that guy, he is fucking broke and can barely pay the rent which I call bullshit as you can collect lots of ten on the games, so would enjoy a lot my ride of a few weeks as an insert on Yagami.

    What is the story behind this choice?
    Guess it would be these were the games that entertained me the most during those crazy pandemic confinements, judgement 1&2 are little jewels that are capable to portray real people and the cast make me connect with the game on huge levels, Yagami is a character with many sides to his personality well executed and feels almost like a friend during the games.

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    I would like to be Joel from the Last of Us. B) B)

  • Give me thanos stone powers promise would use them for good (-:():( ;))))))

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