Did this forum kinda died after Telltale shutdown?

I remember here used to be so active compared to now. Did this happen after Telltale shutdown?


  • The forums kinda shut down at times, too.

    However, even in Telltale's heyday, the forums slowed down whenever a game was not in the process of being released. Once a game comes out, more people use the forums. Check back when this version of Telltale releases something to see what happens.

  • even if telltale died theres still a small comunity that is still active in these forums i actually started after 2018 heck i joined in 2021

  • I’ve been here since 2013 when they first released The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 of Season 1. But like others said usually the forums slow down when a game hasn’t been released or an episode has not been released.

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