How did everyone feel about The Batman movie?

I just rewatched The Batman starting Rob Pattinson for like the 9th time. It is currently my favorite DC movie and Superhero movie. Rob Pattinson’s performance was spot on to the kind of Batman I was imagining with him feeling more comfortable as Batman than Bruce Wayne. Overall I think this the best Batman movie to date. Sorry Dark Knight, you might have a better villain but in terms of mystery and suspense I give it to the Batman also I’m glad that this version of Batman had an intimidating voice. While the construction fight scene in Dark Knight was cool, The Batman just had much better fight scenes such as when Batman goes into the Iceberg Lounge. Also the subtle humor lines they dropped were good. But I did how Batman became a symbol for hope at the end.
Let me know if you guys liked anything else of the movie or what aspects you hated.


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